Friday, June 27, 2008

the man in the mirror

As many of you may know, David Crowder is a genius. I love his lyrics, his style, his brilliance, his love for the Lord and i absolutely love how he is so authentic. Well, if you'll notice the links on the right of the page...they are links to artists, vagrants, our fellow man. People who inspire me daily and who remind me that this world is not as big as we think it is.

the Crowder is one of those artists to whom I refer. You ought to read this comical tale of his wife's encounter with a ridiculously laughable camera-man.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Growin teeth is hard to do...

So my baby is growing teeth. He is so fussy. Today has been the most emotionally draining day yet of his sweet life. Screams non stop! Biting anything that comes near his mouth. Not wanting food because his gummy gums ache so much. Drooling like a faucet. Seriously. Soaked to the bone in his drool. He had a low grade fever last night (his first!)

Let me tell you...this is painful for my baby. But it is killing me. I hate to see him in such agony and he will not remember these months as he grows bigger. But I will always remember the night my baby had his first fever. (100.9)

I know, all you seasoned moms out there must be laughing at this, but let me just say my grief is real. It pains me hearing his cries and seeing those tears. I hate that this is a part of life and a part of growing to be a better person for him. It's a must, I know this...but still.

You can't bear to see your babies ache. Pray for my little man.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

the Imagination

I want to cultivate a healthy imagination in my son and future children. I want them to know that God has set Heaven in the hearts of man and we have the freedom to dream big, for there is a place that is bigger and better than all that we know here on earth.

I simply adore the Narnia Chronicles....I can delve deeply into the world that Jack Lewis created and know that I too shall meet the fate of the Pevensie children. I will travel to a land ruled purely by THE King and experience the beauty and the magic that Lucy discovered when she took her first steps through a ruddy old wardrobe. Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a pair of green and gold rings that took us to the Wood Between the Worlds? Wouldn't it be fascinating to breathe in the salty air from the deck of the Dawn Treader? (That is the next installment of the movies and I pray they don't ruin it, my favorite of the books) Wouldn't it be marvelous to walk side by side with unicorns, winged horses, dufflepods, centuars (the oldest and the wisests), dwarfs (the good kind), fauns and dear beavers? To see the birth of a nation through song, and see the stars falling from the heavens in it's death. What a beautiful gift we have in our minds.

I see that everyday in my son. Watching Wesley grow is one of my greatest joys. To see him think and work out dilemas set before is awesome (in every sense of the word). It is just awesome. It brings tears to my eyes to watch him concentrate so deeply. I love telling him silly little stories and he just smiles at me. I look forward to the day HE begins to tell ME, mama, stories. What a delight!

That's why I chose to decorite Wesley's room in an "Around the World in 80 Days" theme. It is a room full of scope for the imagination. It contains clouds on the ceiling and a collection of hardy boys books, airplanes and hot air balloons, a map of the world (painted by me) a painting of the Dawn Treader, all the books a little boy could want (some from both mine and Nathan's childhood) books bought from friends, grandma and grandpa, uncle brandon, toys, drawings, little trinkets give to us from people on their own travels, and so much more. One of my favorite points of his room is the ceiling fan. It has a globe for the light fixture and little planes painted (by the nice people at home depot) on the fan blades. :) It truly is a sweet fan. Wesley and I lay on his bedroom floor and just look at the fan and he laughs and coos and talks and babbles. It is simply a special time for us to enjoy his own space. I love teaching him how to play.

...hopefully he doesnt inherit my childhood bad habit of drawing on the wall...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sweet Summer you can see, Nathan and I have consolidated our blogs (farewell xanga) and now have one family blog. We have discussed this at length (and you can see how our society has affected us thus) and decided that we have more to say together than apart and shall share this one bloggy pie. We will post when we feel the need and update our delightful family and friends on the goings on of our fabulous life. You should probably subscribe to us or put us on your google reader so you don't miss out on deep thoughts and other inspiring tid-bits (I've always hated the word's so juvenile). So there it is.

I am in a frenzy right now. My mind is racing a million miles a minute and I know it's because I am sitting in front of a computer screen in the dark and I've had a busy couple of weeks. I have yet to catch up on rest from our Tour of TEXAS adventure. :) I love Texas...but I do wish we had more than one and a quarter seasons.

Oh to see the leaves change....