Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Growin teeth is hard to do...

So my baby is growing teeth. He is so fussy. Today has been the most emotionally draining day yet of his sweet life. Screams non stop! Biting anything that comes near his mouth. Not wanting food because his gummy gums ache so much. Drooling like a faucet. Seriously. Soaked to the bone in his drool. He had a low grade fever last night (his first!)

Let me tell you...this is painful for my baby. But it is killing me. I hate to see him in such agony and he will not remember these months as he grows bigger. But I will always remember the night my baby had his first fever. (100.9)

I know, all you seasoned moms out there must be laughing at this, but let me just say my grief is real. It pains me hearing his cries and seeing those tears. I hate that this is a part of life and a part of growing to be a better person for him. It's a must, I know this...but still.

You can't bear to see your babies ache. Pray for my little man.


  1. Try teething tablets..they are hoeopathic and helped soothe my older babies. you can get them at Walmart. I agree with the pain of watching your children get through things that are a"part of life", but encouragement..God makes the painful times a little less as they learn and grow..even teeth!! Hope to see you this summer

  2. So that's what he's been sick about. Poor thing! Since he's teething, he may really enjoy eating a teething biscuit. Just be careful, because they're extremely messy. I used to strip Genevieve down to her diaper before I gave her one. Good luck, and I hope he feels better!