Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hand Soap of the Past

So the other day I asked my handsome husband to stop by the store and pick up some baby food and handsoap for the restrooms (as we were out). I usually get the pearl peach moisturizing soap (because I have lizard hands...unfortunately). Well I made no specification as to which soap to grab and Nathan brings home a simple off brand clear handsoap. I think to myself, "not a big deal, this stuff goes so fast" (We use refill big jugs). Well, I begin to refill our soap dispensers and I gather this scent wafting up to my nose. It has this familiar smell...I KNOW this smell from somewhere. I just do.

So I wash my hands.

And it hits me. This is the same soap that used to be in the soap dispensers at Travis Baptist Church. My old church. The church where I grew up. The church where I was saved The church where I learned how to pray. The church where I learned how to learn. Memories began to flood my mind and heart (and nose hehe) and I just stood there staring into the bathroom mirror at myself and thought about how far the Lord has brought me from that place as a 13 year old girl walking down an aisle to discover more about the burning desire for "more" that was swelling in my heart. I thought about moments of joy and pain and stretching moments of frustration. I thought about the people who walked with me, before me, behind me. I just stood there taking in the scent...the memories. The trips. The people.

The people.

I have traveled far from my place at Travis Baptist Church (where Nathan's great grandfather used to preach, coincidentally) and have found a new home to continue on my life journey.

But I shall never forget those years.
Or that hand soap.


  1. Jade, you are so cute. The funny thing is I can remember how the soap at Travis smelt...crazy! Anyways we love keeping up with you guys!

  2. And how many lives you've impacted since . . .

  3. ecember06isnt it funny how a simple smell can bring back so many memories!! I had a similar experience yesterday, we had bought a new bus from the llano school district (where i went to HS) and i helped my team servants (HS volunteers from all over the state) wash it out. as soon as i stepped on the bus the sent of hot plastic immediatly took me back to my HS days... riding to and from school with jo and jason, bball and band trips.. it felt like forever ago, when life was simple... God has taught me so much since then, and he teaches me things everyday!

    I miss you jade. i know we didnt see much of each other even when i lived in CC, but, it was comforting that if needed, at a moments notice, we could see each other! i love you friend and i hope you are having a wonderful summer!

  4. What an awesome connection! Thanks for sharing!