Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I just wanted the world to know that I absolutely spanked Nathan, Heather, and Eric @ Scrabble last night. :) I was extraordinary and blew them out of the water. Yes, my head is swelling with pride as we speak, but you get my drift....I'm awesome. I went out first and I played every single stinkin letter in my tray....I am a genius. You may challenge me, if you dare...muahahahahahahaha.

OK that's enough of that. I'm over it. Really, I am. :) We were going to re-match, but we're old ninnies and had to go to bed early. Oh and that is NOT my handwriting up there...that is my husband's. :) I inherited my mother's and my grandmother's penmanship.

In other news...Stormy woke me up at 4 in the morning to go potty and I didn't turn on the back porch light before I let her out, so I didn't see the monster that lay in our path and I heard the hissing before I knew what it was a POSSUM! I hate vermin. I screamed and Stormy attacked with her hair standing straight up and I shouted at her to get back and she stopped where she was and just like that **snaps** it disappeared! I brought her inside and we just looked out the window into the night wondering where the beast had fled to. Probably some evil trash can somewhere down the street where it hides and waits for night... I was all tingly and felt sooooo gross. I had to go wash my hands several times to feel ok. And Stormy still hadn't got to potty but I refused to let her out near the beast if it was still out Nathan comes to my aid and discovers what happens and lets her outside himself...I go back to the safety of our bed.

Jeez!! yeck! the hissing noise alone will give you nightmares!

Moving on to more pleasant thoughts.....tomorrow is my parents wedding anniversary! How wonderful. :) It makes me happy to see them have fun together and go on trips and be silly together. I'm thankful for their example of marriage in my life, Happy Anniversary you crazy kids! :):)


  1. way to go!!! i havnt played scabble in a long time... but i still remember the first time i beat nathan!! my famous word was xi :) fun day fun day... I miss you lady

  2. Oh wow, I would have totally wet my pants if I had run into a possum at that time of night! Hope you scared it off and never run into it again!

  3. Jade, I laughed quite loudly at your comment about washing your hands several times before feeling clean, even though you never touched the stinky vermin...I can just picture you possibly doing what'd I'd be doing after such an encounter...jumping up and down, shaking my hands, saying vehemously, "ew, ew, ew, ew, ew" :)