Sunday, July 13, 2008

Taco Smell

So today Nathan and I enjoyed a leisurely morning of sleeping in and having a late breakfast together with our little Wesley. We ran some errands and "cruised" a bit, enjoying the sunshine and eachother's company.

My brother calls and says he bought my parents a Wii for their anniversary present (he's a good son) and said he was off from work, so Nathan, Wesley and I cruise on over to Bg's casa from Barnes and Noble where we were currently reading up on Access for Dummies (nathan's book) and National Parks And Your Family (my book).

So we hang with Bg for a bit, check out the latest updates on Mission: Renovate (he's fixing up his house). We run to Home Depot, and low and behold; we're hungry! We stop at Taco Bell, buy a few cheap burritos, head back to Bg's house, bite into a delicious wraps of bean, cheese, and rice....and I feel something not right in my I politely spit into a napkin and pull out a tag that says "Best By Oct102008"

Yes. I was a victim of taco smell.

I hate fast food.

I had a good day, but the moral of the story is....avoid fast food! It's never a good idea.


  1. Yikes...that's always a bad feeling when something doesn't feel right in your mouth...when I worked at WB I used to have to review some of the customer comments...let's just say that finding a little tag like that (that used to be on FOOD packaging) is not that scary.


  2. Granted...I dont' want anything that's not supposed to be in my food either (like tags)!

  3. oh jeez....i dont want to know...hahaha. yikes