Saturday, July 19, 2008


So I just spent a week at one of my most favorite places on this planet....Camp Zephyr. You wonder why it's one of my happy places?'s a place where I found quite a bit of myself, where I met my husband, where I developed lifelong friendships with people near and far, where I heard messages of truth and experienced worship in a beautiful and passionate way and where I had some of my most intimate times with my Jesus.

While I was there (this time as a's been 3 summers since I've worked there) so many memories flooded my heart. I was suddenly aware of the changes that the camp has experienced and the changes that my own soul has experienced.

Once upon a time, when Trevor Carpenter was the Programs Director, the Zephyr Zombie was still a fun story to pass around camp, and pizza was still served every monday with corn....I was a 14 year old girl who KNEW that my summers were meant to serve at Zephyr and I deeply desired to be used for the Kingdom of Heaven. I loved being reaffirmed, reassured that where I am and what I strive for is still for the Kingdom, whether at Zephyr, or wherever God places my family...that there are people out there with great needs and that we can meet them with my great Lord's strength. It was wonderfully freeing.

I want to make a shout out to the band The Pearl Merchant Band and to the Zephyr Staff. They were awesome. And the speaker Brandon was pretty incredible. He spoke truth and wisdom. We had a fabulous time. :) (if I find a link to him, I will post it)

Oh and we took Wesley and he was so marvelous. What a great camp baby! He got some great love from so many people. I loved strolling around my old stompin grounds with my son and my husband. (Nathan surprised us and showed up on Wednesday and stayed through the week!) What blessings we had poured out on us. :)
I look forward to seeing the fruits of this past week.

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