Friday, August 22, 2008

climate change

So if I look out the windows of my house, it looks like it could be almost time for winter. The sky is dark, the wind is blowing, birds are huddling inside their little shelters.

Of course, all of us south texans know that winter won't be here for a very long while. I looooong for winter. For relief from this heat, for no more mosquitoes, for hot chocolate with peppermint and fresh baked pies and Brandon's slow cooked turkeys and hams....for sparkly lights on houses and streetlamps and my favorite songs playing throughout our house. I absolutely adore the holiday season. (This pic was taken when I was 38 weeks preggo with Wesley)

Last winter was special because Nathan and I were pregnant with our little Wesley and enjoyed our first holiday as a family of three...this Christmas will be Wesley's first out of the womb experience with the magic of the season and I am so excited to see him take it all in. (I know it's going to be tricky with the decorations I usually spread throughout our little do you other moms out there keep babies away from the tree?) haha. I guess we'll see. I am STILL very excited about it all.

I want to go to the mountains in Colorado SO SO bad....maybe next year. :)

Well I leave you with a picture of Wesley. This is my baby at bath time the other night. He is just so silly whenever he sees himself in the mirror. He absolutely howls with delight and babbles and pats his hands together and says "babababababababababa". It is so precious.
Earlier today we had lunch with my brother and mom and Nathan and afterwards we drove through absolutely torrential weather. Lightning and thunder and zero visibility. I almost pulled over because it was so scary and Wesley was screaming. But then it cleared just like that. So odd.
I think I hear boo waking up, better run!


  1. What an incredible picture of your little one! However did he get so cute!

  2. When I 1st saw this I thought...yeah..your pregnant again and then I realized that you would be VERY far along and I would have missed out on very important news :) THEN, I read and realized it was last year...hopefully soon :)

  3. haha, Lisa you are hilarious! Maybe so. :) in God's time. :):)