Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's A Small World

Well, today is the day. 08.06.08. Today is our sweet little friend Jack's surgery. He is having surgery on his skull. It's kind of complicated. Cranio something. In fact, as I write this, he has
had it already. He had kind of a long day of tests yesterday and this morning early he was at the hospital and according to my last text from his daddio (Aaron), he is in recovery and they are waiting to see him and the surgery has gone well. (like textbook). We love this wonderful family and want to see them with much joy. They've had a crazy couple of months (they moved from our town back up to Dallas in December). We were able to visit them in June, and I am sure Jack has changed so much in the few months it's been since we last saw him.

We had a wonderful time exploring and playing with Aaron, Kerre, & Jackson and I wish we could go back soon!!!! Anyone interested in roadtripping it up to Dallas? We could stop in Athens on the way and see the Stappers. :)
I've been thinking about the people that have pranced in and out of our lives and what a wonderful joy it is to know so many incredible people with such incredible stories. I remember when I was little I thought that world was so huge! But really, I have friends (and family) in Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia (or some asian country), all over North America. I think South America and Antartica are the only continents that someone I know is not present.
It's a small world afterall.

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