Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Rambles of a Fatigued Woman

This has been a crazy week! Wonderful, but busy. I had a wonderful catch up time with Tracy Fru Fru and her little man Liam, and with Leah Sengler (formerly Leah Brown) and her little ballerina Genevieve. It was Wesley's first "play date" and the first time he ever was really around a girrrrrrl. He had eyes only for her when they first got to my house. What beautiful children and what a blessing to catch up (if ever so briefly) with two women who are extraordinary women of faith (in my book) and who sharpen me like true sisters in faith. What a joy! It really blesses my heart knowing that though we are far apart in distance, no matter who you are, if we share the bond of faith we are truly near in spirit and the Lord blesses that unity! Wow! How awesome is that.

I have been praying for some friends with babies near Wesley's age who are near to me. My closest and most trusted friend who is a mom lives in Athens (not Greece) and I wish she were near! But I know the Lord will bless me with what I need here.

Nathan and I have been enjoying a leisurely weekend of much needed rest. Labor Day weekend came just in time for us as we've been feeling a little worn. I think this happens every now and then where we both just need to unwind and rewind a bit. I've been reading several books at once (I know, its crazy but I am addicted and can't ever choose just one). I'm currently re-reading Eldest by Christopher Paolini, Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson, The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe by my beloved Jack Lewis, and Changing Your World One Diaper At A Time by Marla Taviano. (reviews to come)

Eldest right now is my favorite. :) I'm so cheesy. I love adventure science fiction fantasy fairy tale books all rolled into one. And I admire Chris P because he was so young when he wrote Eragon and his final book of the trilogy Brisigner is coming out in September! Wooo woo! I am very excited. Almost as excited as I was about the Harry Potter books when they would come out. Too bad movies can't recapture the beauty and the adventure of the books. I am hating the Harry Potter movies more and more. They just speed through the events and they don't even take the time to explain what the heck is going on! Eeeek!

Someday my book (that I have been writing in my head for the past decade) will be published and if they ever want to make a live action movie from any of my books I am going to have to direct it. You know, C.S. Lewis wasn't interested in having his books turned into movies. Of course, that was pre-special effects that we have today in our modern cinema universe...but still. I was sorely disappointed by the blatant changes they made in Prince Caspian, but I absolutely adore the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe and feel they did a fantastic job with that! My favorite Narnia book, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the next installment of the Chronicles movies and I am sooooo completely excited. I hope they have the Dufflepods and that they pull off Dragon Island. Ohhh deaaaaaar.
Oh...and guess what??? J.K. Rowling is publishing her work The Tales of the Beedle Bard in December!!!! Brandon is going to buy it for me for Christmas. :) I am soooo EXCITED!

Ok, Wesley update: He is all over the place. He really likes to eat corn and butternut squash and green peas and green beans and beef. He enjoys food in general and throws absolute fits when you stop feeding him. But then he chills out. :) He loves pulling up onto something and then letting go and standing for about a half second before sitting on his bum. He loves toys and entertaining himself and I have to figure out a way to keep him away from the xbox green light.

Today my parents came over and my dad got a call and walked to Wesley's room to take it. And Wesley followed him all the way to his room and when he saw my dad he screeched with delight and laughed and followed him into his room. It was precious. Oh and Wesley doesn't enjoy the feel of the hard tile on his knees, so he crawls on his hands and his feet whenever he is on the tile. And he seems to get a kick out of that so he laughs hilariously at himself and babbles.

OH, Jackie, you will appreciate this. Whenever the Gilmore Girls theme song, the Office theme song, or the Sound of Music is playing in the background, Wesley lights up and looks for the source. He LOVES snappy music and sits and rocks to it. (i am pretty sure he will be dancing before we know it).

I can't believe how fast my little adventurer is growing. What a delight to my soul he is.

Oh and can you believe McCain's VP! Whoa!

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