Friday, September 05, 2008

gah gah gah!

Wesley cracks me up when he talks. He babbles and laughs at himself and then cries because nobody else is laughing at his joke. He says 'dadadadada' when he is playing and "mamamamama" when he is MAD and he says "gah gah gah" when he is being silly by himeself.sometimes he sounds like he is saying "whats up guys?". It's hilarious.

Lately he's been a little fussier in the afternoons because it's been so HOT and it makes me a little grumpier too. :) I am a woman who thrives on winter weather. (well, south texas winter weather). I am thankful that today is semi-cooler. There is a breeze! hooray! :)

Wesley also got his first owie yesterday. He was crawling on the tile in the kitchen and he must have cut himself on the uneven tile between the living room and kitchen. The guy who laid the tile before we moved in didn't level a few spots. So Wesley got to wear a band-aid yesterday while he crawled around. It didn't seem to bother him and the cut already seems to be healing away. My friend Andrea is a pharmacist (she's pretty awesome) and she gave me a baby meds kit for my shower present last fall. Isn't that an awesome gift? She put in baby tylenol, gas drops, bandaids, a themometer, bulb, syringe kit, nail clippers, baby motrin and baby nasal congestion meds among other things. I would never have thought of that as a baby gift, but I think it's brilliant! So Wesley has a scooby doo bandaid on his little knee thanks to my friend Andrea. (Who is expecting baby number two! woohoo!)

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Hopefully Nathan and I can go on a date. :) It's been a while since we got dressed up and went out on the town. It's hard with Wesley, but not because we can't get a sitter, but we just love playing with him and taking him places with us! It's hard to leave him, but it's important for Nathan and I to get some grown up outside of the house time. Otherwise we might go crazy. :)

Uncle Brandon bought Wesley a hawaiin shirt. He looks like a little Moon Doggie in it. I will have to post a picture of him in it. What a cutie!

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