Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Go Away Ike!!

Although I do fancy the name Ike (reminds me of Runaway Bride) I do not enjoy the idea that we might have a hurricane in our bays this weekend. It keeps changing it's projected path, last night it was headed straight for us. Like dead centered. This morning when I first woke up it was a little south of us and now as I watch the news it is going south south Texas. So I suppose we'll see. It hasn't actually hit the gulf's warm waters yet, so once it does, it could spin itself into a frenzy and go who knows where!

So Wesley is feeling much better this morning. He's had his first cold! My poor poopsie. I get a weekly email from Babycenter.com about what Wesley's age is doing now (He is 7 months 3 weeks old) and it was all about colds! Haha. Did you know the average baby gets 7-10 colds a year! Hopefully Wesley isn't in that average list. I hate colds! The babycenter.com updates are fun to read, but Wesley is totally not on their average kid schedule. He was an early crawler and an early baby food eater and he is scrambling all over the house trying so hard to walk and the email said "your child should be in the pre-crawl stage, sitting on his own trying to lunge onto all fours". Wesley did that at 5 months. It's still fun getting the emails! They have funny jokes in them to encourage the moms from going crazy. They crack me up!

My parents had stopped by and Wesley coughed in front of them and everyone went "awwwwww". Grandparents. Let me tell ya. :)

It's so wonderful to see Wesley cheerful again. He woke up this morning all grins and giggles happy to breathe through his nose again. He's been babbling and singing all morning. What a joy to hear. He crawled into my lap earlier this morning and just laid his head on my shoulder. The best feeling in the world!! I love cuddles from my little captain!

Ok time to run! Have a beautiful day!

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