Monday, September 15, 2008

The leaves are changing...

I am a fan of Hobby Lobby. I am an HGTV, DIY Network, Martha Stewart lovin' kinda girl. Crafts, home decor, interior design are so fun to me. Obviously if you see my house and my son's Around the World in 80 Days themed room you would know that I adore creating environments in our home that are comfortable and imaginative. And I love to spend money. Ask my husband. I love to buy things 50% off from Hobby Lobby or Michael's or Marshall's or HEB haha. I love sales.

But I've been thinking about the folks in the wake of natural disasters, the most recent being Hurricane Ike. We were this close to dealing with the trauma that mr. Ike caused and this close to having potential flooding, roof damage, home destruction. This close. |------| Literally. We were fortunate, of course, down here in ol CC to have just a wee bit of rain yesterday and a lovely cool front today, but those dear folks up the coast from us are without electricity and some homes were even washed away. My grandmother and uncle and aunt live in Houston and are without power, Nathan has family in Houston, Jamie has her family in Houston, we have friends in Houston. It was very close.

It opens my eyes to how unfortunate it is when we put our hearts into something so temporary, like home decor. How we spend so much money to have a home that is in style when we should be thankful for shelter! I saw that someone remodeled their house in Galveston over several several months and were renting it out to some summer islanders and the house is comepletely destroyed. Wow.

I just feel a very strong conviction about going back to the root of simplicity. I love furniture and have been harrassing Nathan to buy new couches for our living room (after we re-floor the whole house) and I just feel such a smack in the head. Why? We have perfectly usable couches now. They aren't in any magazines and they sag and the bottom is frayed and yes we bought them for 70 bucks from a friend...but they work. It makes me cringe inside to admit it, but I feel very strongly about not jumping off the deep end this Christmas (Wesley's first Christmas!). I love presents. I love giving, recieving, spending, wrapping! I LOVE to wrap gifts and add bows and prettiness. I adore it. So fun.

But is it necessary? The holidays are about thankfulness and family and giving to the needy and sharing your home. It's about the birth of our savior and the beginning of a new year with fresh tomorrows with no mistakes in it. (Thanks for that anne shirley hehe).

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose."
~Jim Elliot

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." -Luke 12:34

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  1. Wise words from such a sweet girl! Watch for ways in the days ahead that we at FOC are going to try to serve those in need in Houston.