Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Praise God

I don't praise God enough.

He fills my lungs with breath.
He gives me a man to sleep next to at night and a son to play with all day long.
He provides our table with nourishment and our bodies with clothes.
He protects us from so many storms.

I have family to laugh with and friends to "facebook" :)
I have books at my fingertips and the means to be educated.

I have so much.

Praise God.

I re-read what is just written and I mean to not brag or to throw my blessings in your face.
I am empowered because I have a hand at my back to guide me and I feel the need to praise.

And my car won't start today. Hmmph. :)


  1. Amen! Great reminder, Jade. God is indeed so good.

  2. Amen...thank you Jade for sharing your heart of praise. Our God is so good and all to often we do not give Him the praise and glory for all that we are blessed with. Thank you for your gentle challenge.

  3. I had fairly crappy day so this was a really pertinent reminder for me.

    Thanks, Jade

  4. YAY!! I am glad you are joining the book club!!!