Monday, October 06, 2008

Here Moose-y Moose-y...

So I had a weird dream last night about a moose attacking me and Jamie and Wesley (i.e., chasing us to our car). It's kind of drawn out and my dad makes an appearance in the dream, along with a cabin in the woods and my Corolla. I will spare you the details, because I seemed to bore the tears out of Nathan when I told him my dream at our lunch date.

He said the Moose must represent Sarah Palin. mmhmm
He said the Moose attacking "well it must just be your instinctive fear of EVERYTHING". whatever that means.
He said Jamie and Wesley and dad were there, well because I see them a lot
And the cabin in the woods bit, well we've been discussing camping in November, so that might be it.

So now my husband thinks he's a dream doctor. nice.

Oooh, last night my parents had Wesley over and Nathan had a youth thing out at Jubalee Ranch and guess what I had??? THE HOUSE TO MYSELF!!!
I was like Macauley Culkin in Home Alone! I went nuts. I turned up the tv really loud-like (Titanic was showing) and I DUSTED house and did some good deep cleaning. It was marvelous. I danced around with the broom and kept the dog outside. It was awesome. Oh and I ate a twix. Don't judge. hahahahahahaha

Anyways, I obviously enjoyed myself too much. It was nice when the boys got home (well, we had to pick up the Wessers because he had no diapers at grandma and grandpa's and we had to go cover his little tooter. That's a whole other story.

Oh yea, on Saturday we went and saw Ansel Adam's exhibit at the Art Museum of South Texas. I love that place. It used to be one of my favorite places in high school. And since they've built on to it, I love it even more. And who doesn't love Ansel? He was a genius and he revolutionized photography as an art. His work was stunning and I think I might go back just to soak it all in again.

Wesley had fun with Uncle Brandon at the art museum. They had fun looking out at the boats and enjoying the sunshine. It really was a gorgeous day to go. We saw some thunderclouds roll in and it was awesome to see! We were talking about the Lexington and how it's pretty incredible that it has had Japanese fighter pilots shoot at it. The Lexington as been all over the Pacific, down to Panama Canal, to Pearl Harbor, and was nicknamed "the Blue Ghost" by Tokyo Rose. Pretty fascinating to have a ship with so much history docked in our bay. Usually people say it's boring, not worth the visit, but we were raised in a family that loves history. And it's pretty neat to have it around. I look forward to teaching Wesley all about the history of our world. :)


  1. I know what your dream means that you need to come to Maine for your vacation because out of all the options, it is the only state with Moose...but I've never been chased by one, better yet I have never seen one. Anyway, so now that is official, let me know what dates you'll be here :)

  2. I love Ansel Adams too...I have a big book of photography that I used to have on the coffee table pre-Cohen with his photos!

    Glad you can relate to my yesterday- My Mom is the ultimate multi-tasker! With two teens and two school age kids at home I don't even know how she works the schedules!