Friday, October 17, 2008

Nine Months & Me :)

Wesley was just a little peanut in my belly 18 months ago. I can't believe my son is 9 months old today. He has grown into a such a cutie. There are so many things to be thankful for today.

Unfortunately, the wait for his wellness check up was nearly TWO hours right smack in the middle of nap time. Poor kid was exhausted by the time we saw Dr. Gail. It was frustrating, but she is so nice, it's hard to be negative around her. I just smiled and told her patience is a virtue I hope to teach Wesley, he did so good for me this afternoon. Although we had a frightening moment when he choked on some spit up and it came out his nose. He SCREAMED, it was so sad. Poor little guy.

He weighs 21.5 lbs & is 29 in. long. He is growing well. :) I don't really know if babies can grow badly. I think they just grow at their own pace.

I need to post some video of Wesley standing up all on his own. He will just be sitting down and then all of a sudden stand up and look around. I just am holding my breath for that first step. He will stand up, then sit down & crawl, then stand up, look around, and sit down and crawl again. He just knows there is a faster way to get around. Soon enough, son, soon enough. :)

Wednesday night Nathan took me to see Brad Paisley.
It was a fun concert. He really is just so gifted. I enjoy his songs (even the silly ones). Allison Krauss showed up and dueted Whiskey Lullaby with him and her voice is just gorgeous. Smooth as butter. I wish I could sing like her! I would never stop singing! I would be a living musical. haha.

I'm not really a fan of the country music genre, but there are just some country artists that you can't help but enjoy. Brad Paisley being one of them.

And you know, he sang his song "When I get to where I'm going" and I just thought of Matt and how he loved Brad Paisley too. And how that song was so fitting for the state of my heart.

I think the Lord knew I needed to hear it. Just to continue to remind me that there is much life in Matt right now, and that he's more alive now than he ever was here on earth.

We had a good time, It's been a good week and I'm thankful for the slowness of the week. And it's a gorgeous day outside!

For any of you who think to, I have new paintings hanging up @ Coffee Waves. There's an opening tonight! Come try the Pumpkin Gelato! IT IS AMAZING. :)


  1. Woah!! Jack is catching up to Wes!! he's 19.5 lbs and 28 1/4 in. long!! That's just crazy!! Wes is such a cutie pie! Can't wait to get my hands on him...I can't believe that he's standing!

  2. I am laughing because your 9 month old is bigger than my 18 month old:) Cohen still weighs 20lbs!