Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Adventures in Austin

Well, our Austin Adventure started last Tuesday when we headed out to our hotel. It was near the airport and close to the hotel where Nathan's training was to occur. We stayed in the hotel Tuesday & Wednesday night, enjoying the lazyness that comes with hotel living. Wesley and I watched Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and I really enjoyed it. It was very whimsical and silly. Just right for me. :) We explored Austin a little, but having a near toddler kept us from being in the car too much. Wednesday night a front blew in and it was fabulous. Wesley and I sat on a bench outside the Marriott and watched the leaves swirl and the rain clouds build.

When Nathan was finished with his training for the day, we headed to Barton Creek Mall and along the way got into a fender bender (my first!). Our car hydroplaned on the slick rainy freeway and we slid right into the back of a truck. I think I cried more than Wesley, but he did cry. I think we scared him because I was telling (i.e., yelling at) Nathan that nobody was in the next lane and he should move over, but the wheel had locked and he couldn't stop the car. The lady was kind and said there was no damage, but our corolla has a crunched look to the front of it. :( sad car.

I'm just thankful it wasn't worse. I was pretty shook up. I'd never been in a fender bender before. Woosh.

Well, Thursday night we spent with Nate's little sister, Laura (lola) and her fiance Daniel. They showed us where they were getting married and their new house they just bought and it was a nice visit. I took some engagement pictures of them, I am so looking forward to their wedding. It's going to be lovely and Laura is going to be beautiful. :) SO excited.

FRIDAY we drove to Lake Travis (Lago Vista) and spent time with Aaron, Kerre, Jackson, and their aunt and uncle on their beautiful land. It was a gorgeous house with so much to explore. They let us take the boat out and sleep in and stay in our pjs late in the day. It was just so relaxing and beautiful.

AND Kerre's aunt gave us a tour of the CASTLE house next door to her. It is a beautiful castle that a lawyer man built for his wife. He has the phrase "A Castle For My Lady" carved above the beautiful front door and laid out on a tile in the entryway. It sits on a cliff and overlooks the lake. It has a turret and everything (yes, we climbed the turret). It was just so dreamy. I felt like I was in another world. There was a road that wound its way through the grounds and we walked the whole thing (severl times because I thought I lost my 4g sandisk!) and we explored the interior of the caslte and oh it was just so magnificent. So beautiful. I could gush and gush about the complete peace I felt in that place. SO perfect. I didn't want to leave.

It's for sale. Yep. 7 Million big ones. Ha!

You can see more pictures on my picture website or my facebook or myspace. I have a TON. And family pictures of all of us too. It was a great weekend, but I'm glad we're home and hopefully we can get Wesley back on his schedule and get some good rest. I'm excited to dress Wesley up in his dragon costume we found for Halloween. He is so stinkin cute in it. I want to be a dragon!


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