Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ten Things Nathan Loves

I was tagged by my dearest friend Lisa to name TEN things that NATHAN loves. :)

This is in no particular order :)

  1. Nathan loves Kraft Shells and Cheese. Not macaroni and cheese, SHELLS and cheese. who knew, right? He says it's the velveeta that makes the difference and he will put up a fight if it's blue box macaroni that is made instead.
  2. Nathan loves to SING and to sing LOUD. And he doesn't give a flying flip how bad he is. He has every song memorized (even the old hymns and EVEN a little Beyonce) and he will sing loudly.
  3. Nathan loves sweets. Anything sweet, donuts, chocolate chip cookies, cherry pies from the convenience store. SWEETS. He has the sweetest tooth of any man I know.
  4. Nathan loves Scrabble. He is good at it too. He knows all those 2 letter words and is just as feisty as his grandmother when she plays. (I reckon that's where he gets his love for letters from). He really just enjoys games in general, but Scrabble is his favorite. :)
  5. Nathan loves People. Serving people, opening doors for little old ladies, talking to old man crochety next door, helping dads lift their strollers out of trolleys, loving youth. He is just a man who will help a person move 11 times if they need the help and ask for nothing in return. It's true. He loves people.
  6. Nathan loves the great Outdoors. He can just sit outside and be quiet and watch the sunset or watch a river flow quietly and be content. Exploring, camping, fishing, hiking, walking, anything OUTDOORS is his cup of tea.
  7. Nathan loves GOOGLE. He thinks the Google inventors are geniuses and feels that they deserve an honorary trip to Heaven, no matter what religion or faith they are. He loves Google and will strike down anyone who says otherwise. (be forewarned)
  8. Nathan loves Business Cards. I don't even know where to start on this but my husband has a collection that will surprise and maybe even frighten you just a little. It is something else, let me tell ya.
  9. Nathan loves can collecting. Yes, it's true. On days where we have a babysitter for Wesley and it's just the 'two of us' and we are looking for something fun to do, you can always count on Nathan to suggest "hey, you wanna go pick up cans?". I think it's so gross, but he is always looking for ways to help this earth.
  10. Nathan loves the Bathroom Reader and any "facts book". You know, those books with useless trivia? He loves any book that has lots of random facts. (like the Dangerous Book for Boys)
Now, you'll notice I left out his top three favorite things: His relationship with God, His relationship with his wife (that's me) and his relationship with his son. I feel like they are on a level all to themselves because his love for these three things is real and deep. But the previous ten things are truly 10 of his favorite things.

I feel like singing the Sound of Music now.

Ok, wesley should be up from his nap soon and I have gotten absolutely nothing done while I write this. Thanks a lot Lisa! hahaha.

I now tag Abigail M., Kate McD., & Jackie A. You must now name 10 Things that your husbands Love

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