Wednesday, October 15, 2008

These are the rainy days Session II

It's 7am and it is raining on my little house by the creek. I love the sound of rain. It refreshes me and makes me think of things past and things not yet seen. Oh yes, I am fond of rain falling against my window, shaking my roses and baptizing the world with it's glittering drops. (there's a little Madelin L'Engle for you)

Monday night we said goodbye to Matt at our church. It was a perfect farewell to a young man with great courage. I can't express to you the emotion that was in that building. I can't tell you exactly how many people were there, but it was standing room only and the doors to the foyer had to remain open for the throng of friends who filled the rooms. It was a sight indeed and I know Matt would have been honored and exhilarated at the amount of people that showed their love and respect.

There was a good article on Matty in the paper yesterday. You can read the link here from our CALLER TIMES website. Matt certainly impacted so many people with his faith and determination. Many tears were shed that night as people recounted their love and favorite moments with Matt. His mom, Laurie Beveridge spoke about some of her last conversations with Matt. Her poise and her ability to share some of the hardest conversations a mom could have with their baby was amazing and intense. I couldn't take my eyes from this woman who addressed this large crowd with tears in her voice, but with confidence. What a woman!

Anyways, continue to pray for Matt's family as the live with this grief. I can't encourage you to do that enough. So often people feel pain for a brief period for others who are hurting and then they simply "move on". I encourage you to write Matt's name down in your journal or bible or on a notecard pinned somewhere to remember and honor him, and to continually pray for his family. A strong, courageous family, but a family in pain.

Will you do this?

I also would like to throw a shout out to Nancy Ilse, Jenny McDermot & all the Creekers who put together so much for Monday night. From the guys in the parking lot, to the servers, to Pastor John for his message of hope and how he loved Matt from the beginning, to everyone who has been a part of this journey, including Aaron & Kerre who were with Matt in the beginning. I know they wish they could have made the journey down. As well as Lisa M. and Kasey W. and all you moms out there who pray and grieve with the rest of us. There are so many people that have traveled this road with us. Thank you.

Matt so thoughtfully told his mom not to name any names because he didn't want to leave anyone out and hurt their feelings. I'm starting to feel the overwhelming power of the amount of people I didn't even know who were out there loving the Bev family. WOW

Remember Matt Beveridge, his heart, his courage, but most importantly, his faith.

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