Monday, November 10, 2008

50D & Me :)

So I've decided to invest in this: Canon 50D. I am so excited about it. I was going to buy it yesterday, but the sale had ended and so I am just biding my time until a better deal comes along. It's the holidays and I know there is going to be at least ONE good sale on this baby soon.
I've been dreaming about this camera for the last 2 days since I decided to invest. It's pretty silly to put so much joy into something so material, but photography is my one passion outside of my faith and my family. Seeing life captured in little moments here and there is just such a precious gift to me. There are moments when I can stare at a photograph and just feel such peace. Like music, photographs can capture your heart and flood your mind with memories. It's very beautiful.
So with the holidays fast approaching, if any of you want some family photos done, let me know! I love this time of year. :) So magical.


  1. how much would you charge for a family session (or individual session)... furthermore, what are your prices in general and do you choose the location of photos, etc??? email me if you'd like to keep this private.


  2. Check out Circuit City. They just filed bankruptcy and I think they're closing all if not most of their stores...

    I think Best Buy will price match and drop the price 10% (but only 10% of the difference between the prices) if you find a lower price. Also check out to do price comparisons.

    Will plays this game on every piece of electronics we buy and we've saved hundreds of dollars this way.

  3. circuit city is going bankrupt??? ive been to their website and i didnt see that at all.

    yea, im a little obsessed with price comparisons myself. :) I used to be a crazy buy it now spender, but marriage and parenthood have taught me to look for the "best buys" and deals. :)

    Leah I'll email you!


    Yes, they filed chapter 11 on Monday.

    Linen's & Things is going under too, but their "deals" are a rip off (although I did buy a new bedspread from them recently...).