Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fire Breathing Dragon!

Well, it seems we have ourselves a new presidente. I have read so many articles, blogs, opinions, ideas, judgements, etc. on this matter that I'm now politically stunted. :) No, I'm proud to be an American, but I grow tired of trying to predict the outcome of the next four years and beyond. I will do my duty and support my leadership and pay my taxes and vacuum at least once a week so my allergies dont go nuts, but I won't get into any spiritual, moral, political debates. I'm just too tired for all that. :) I have been feeling under the weather still.

I do feel a surge of excitement about the fact that I am living during an historic time. I put my voting sticker and i.d. tag in wesley's baby book along with headlines and my thoughts on it all, but that's about it. Wesley was born during a difficult time in our country, but I like to think he was born for such a time as this and that with mine and Nathan's guidance, maybe he too can change the world. Is that too cheesy a thought to have? I don't think so. Our children are the future of this nation and I long to teach them integrity and how to honor our great God who supports us with life.
On another note, I finally uploaded pictures of the Wes Man in his Dragon costume. :) I know you must be so thrilled. ha! But I have been sick, you see, so I'm a little behind on the upkeep of my photos. Ohhhh well. You can see ALL the pictures on my facebook or myspace!
Is anyone as excited about Christmas lights as I am?


  1. That is one of the cutest costumes I have seen all year!!!

  2. thanks guys. I forgot to mention i found it for only 11 dollars! I was so excited!! all the other costumes were well over 25 dollars and i was NOT interested in paying for something he would only wear for a couple of times. :) im very pleased with myself

  3. Such a cute little dragon :)

    P.S. Check out Target, they have their Halloween costumes at 90% off... I picked up a little costume for the baby (a pea pod)to wear next year for $1.50.