Saturday, November 01, 2008

November Musings

Well I'm not feeling my best. :( I have a harsh cough and drainage down my back. My nurse Jamie gave me some meds so we'll see how I feel after that. Jamie also happens to be a pretty good nanny :) and has taken Wesley shopping this afternoon while I rest. (is this resting?)

We had a fun first Halloween with our little guy. (even though I was feeling ick) We dressed him up as a little dragon and took him to see his great-gram at her house and had some pie and she showered him with beautiful little books to add to his library. Books are truly my delight and I pray that it is something that he comes to love. It's okay if he doesn't, for not all little ones truly enjoy the magic within books, but maybe he will appreciate it. Who knows. :) Right now he just chews on them and laughs at my impressions.

We stopped by and saw Wesley's Aunt Patricia too and then we mosied on over to my parents and showed off our little dragon. I'll have to post some video of him crawling around in it, with the tail sticking up, it is just too cute.

I'll post pictures later, time to lay down. Happy November, dear friends!

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