Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanksgiving...Tis the Season

Mom and I went to little Rockport by the sea on Monday to look at some fun little places. We actually just stayed in one store the entire time. It was full of Christmas decor and little whimsical items. It was beautiful! I love pink Christmas trees. I am so old fashioned, I would never buy one, but I think they are so adorable. :) If we ever have a daughter, I think I will put a little pink Christmas tree in her room.

As for Wesley, I am making him a "travel" garland for over his window with lights and little airplanes and globes that dangle. I will post a picture of it when I'm done. As it is, I feel like I don't have the time to "craft" and paint. :) I wonder why? I just gotta squeeeeze it in. I'm excited about the Christmas art that will be hanging in Coffee Waves. :) I love Christmas.

In other news:

I officially have a "pre-toddler". Just this morning I was sitting at the kitchen table and I looked down and Wesley stood up and walked 4 steps to his toys and sat down. I screeeeeeeched "Wowww! Look at you Wesley!! Way to go! What a big boy, you are!" and he (very startled) just looked at me and smiled. I am teaching him sign language and I am under the impression that, to Wesley, the sign for "more" is also the same thing as clapping. So he is starting to clap when he wants more food. It's pretty cute. My baby is almost 10 months old! Wow!

I am just giddy with Holiday Spirit. It's rainy and yucky outside, but I am playing Christmas music (Shane & Shane's Glory in the gotta get it! It's awesome!) and telling Wesley silly Christmas stories and I even bought him a Christmas present today.

Now our church is very supportive of the Advent Conspiracy and Nathan and I both agreed to not go nuts with presents for our little guy. So I bought him one little gift and maybe I'll fill his stocking with a few special things, but that's it. I want to teach Wesley about the celebration of the birth of our Saviour and that we should give to those in need all year long.

YES, I adore twinkle lights and candy canes and peppermint hot chocolate, and I want Wesley to love all those things too....but I want him to love to give and I want him to love to share.

It's funny, sometimes I still surprise myself, that I'm a mommy who has the responsibility of loving this child that the Lord has shared with me and teaching him all the things that he needs to know to live a life that honors God.

And I am still very excited to decorate our house with lights. :)

Oh, and I'm participating in an online ornament exchange, does anyone here in town want to have an ornament exchange? We can have a little get together at my house, girls only. :)

I have TWO baby showers on Saturday!! How fun is that? Both for little girls. I will post pictures from those later. :)

Ok that was a very random post. Time for lunch!

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