Sunday, November 23, 2008

What you've been waiting for

Well, an update as promised. :) There's, sadly, not much going on with us. It's probably a good thing. Nathan and I have been organizing our closets and guest room. We are trying to not have "clutter" and things in our closets that are not used. Nathan's motto is if we haven't missed it or used it in the last six months, then there is no sense in keeping it. (unless it's baby stuff we are saving for the next one..i.e., bassinet, bouncer, clothes etc.)

We had some good progress today in our mission:organize. My parents had Wesley for the afternoon and Nathan and I got some good work in. It's been a very productive weekend. Plus Nathan's been busy working on some projects for the valet company. Did I mention to you guys that he's now an Operations Manager? :) He loves valet parking (crazy kid) and now handles a lot of the scheduling and other things. He still has his day job (which he also loves). What can I say? I married a man who loves business.

Speaking of business, my encouraging husband took my little rear end down to the Courthouse on Friday and had me become the sole proprietor of my business. So my photography business is real and in the "system". My business-lovin' husband is going to start taking a more active role in the "business" part (which I'm thankful for) and I'm really excited to see where the Lord takes this. I won't go on and on and on about my love of photographs. So I'll just leave it at that. ;)

This morning at church we began our time of Advent:Conspiracy. It was wonderful. I love the holiday season more than most and have already begun singing Wesley Christmas songs and telling him all about this season that I cherish. So it was very exciting to hear Steve sing a Christmas song. I was giddy! John's message was equally encouraging and I am excited to see how our God works this season through our church. Anyone up for a virtual high five, I'm excited! (can we say....neeeeerd!)

My friend Kate organized an online ornament exchange and I am so excited! I bought my ornament on Saturday and am planning on mailing it in the morning!! It is so perfect. Thanks Kate for organizing that! It's such a joy to my heart.

Ok: here are the videos you all have been waiting for. I know you've just been sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation. :)

This video is of Wesley in our kitchen. It's a little long, but I love watching him play. It's so fun.

Here is Wesley walking to me. I'm sitting at the backdoor of our casita. I love how he balances himself!

My brother was moving some living room furniture around so Wesley loved all the big empty space in his uncle BG's living room. What fun!

Ok. So there's my baby boy walking all on his own. These videos are a few days old, obviously he gets better and better every day. I can't believe how he just up and decided to start walking. He always knew there was a faster way to get around! He finally figured it out.

With these walking endeavors comes the obvious dangers of falling onto hard surfaces. I've done my best to protect him and keep him from harming himself. But tonight he was crawling very quickly (we're talking stealthy, spiderman moves) and he just tumbled over himself, smack onto his left forehead in our kitchen. He immediately began screaming and I sat him on the couch to check him out and assess the situation while Nathan gave him some yogurt snacks he loves. As soon as Nathan produced his "snack", the crying stopped and he started munching happily away. He acted completely normal and was cheerful even. He had a very exhausting day of fun with grandma and grandpa, so he'd been ready for bed already. I didn't want him to sleep immediately, so we gave him a bath and played with him and that's when I noticed his bump on his temple. It had a slight bruised look to it, but he was still acting very normal. I looked up head injuries and checked everything. He fell asleep around 9:30, so after 20 minutes of sleeping, I woke him up to check him again and he was very unhappy that mommy disturbed his sleep. But he was alert and didn't have any problems with "grogginess". And so daddy tucked him back into bed.

So that was Wesley's first bad tumble and he wasn't even walking. Gotta keep an eye on these munchkins. They are all over the place!


  1. Ok seriously, why do we not hang out? You constantly keep me in stiches online and our babies are less than a month apart. It's a crime we don't.