Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fa la la la

So this past week has been a whirlwind of busy-ness. I am in desperate need of a vacation :) Ha! Nathan is planning a little anniversary getaway for us coming up, so I am THRILLED about that and getting to spend some quality time with my love. We love being parents and being a family of three :) (and someday more, Lord willing) but it will be nice to have a weekend to ourselves. A FIRST since little man joined the Payne Party almost a year ago. Three years on January 7th. Wooohooo. :) What gift is that? Last year was cotton....i'll have to look it up. :)

I can't believe my baby is turning one in less than a month. I was thinking about his birth weekend just the other day (since baby Gabriella Carranza was born! wooo!). I got a little nostalgic walking along the corridors of the baby wing at our hospital. But I'll save my fun stories for Wesley's ACTUAL birthday blog. :) You know how I can carry on so.

So I took Wesley to the doctor today and he has RSV. :( Isn't it just heartbreaking when our little ones get sick. I hate seeing little ones feeling so terrible, ESPECIALLY on such a magical week as Christmas So pray for my little guy. He is miserable and congested and coughing and very exhausted from it all. We are giving him breathing treatments (which he absolutely hates so it is a wrestling match and it wears him out even more). I was so frustrated at the pediatrician's today. I know they are busy because it's cough and cold and flu season, but they are ALWAYS impatient with me. They didn't even tell me that wesley had RSV. I had to find answers myself and THEN they told me. It was very frustrating chasing the nurses around so that I could get some answers. It's quite the story, I'll share with you personally if you're interested. But I warn you, it is definitely not positive and encouraging, so I understand if you don't care. :)

So I am switching pediatricians offices. I'm calling a new office tomorrow. (thanks sandi!)

Oh, how am I doing, you wonder? Thanks for asking.
I'm a little bummed.. Make that VERY bummed that my baby boo is not having the exciting party filled Christmas that we normally have. We aren't going to have our annual Guerra Christmas Eve bash like we usually do and I don't know if we'll even venture out Christmas day to our designated family events. It's a bummer for real.
But this reminds me that the magic of Christmas isn't about parties and Christmas Eve Eve services or gifts or even wishing store clerks a "Merry Christmas" (which i love to do haha). It's about the birth of a Savior and how he was born for purpose: to rescue us and give us hope.

I was driving home tonight from Walgreens (tissue run) and I was thinking about how I've been so disappointed (naturally) that this Christmas is going to be a little different due to us being under the weather....and I realized that with all my fine preaching and striving to "do" Christmas right, I was missing my own points.

So thank you Lord, for teaching me old lessons in new ways. I have been so selfish and I just pray that my little one heals swiftly. He is so darling and such a joy to my heart.

So I'll end this with a list of things I am so indeed thankful for.
  • my Nathan. He is my partner, my friend, and my encourager...he is definitely the cheese to my macaroni.
  • my little man. It confounds me how someone so small can teach me such big lessons. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to love as a mom loves. It is very powerful.
  • family. My parents are always there for us, always, my brother always can make me laugh and he loves his nephew. My family is never boring. :) it's so fun hanging out with them.
  • Nathan's family. They are always there for you if you need them, Terina (nates momma) will drop anything if we need her to come in and help us with a problem. (Maaan you should try her new apple butter recipe...it's awesome!)
You know...there is a lot that I could name....but I'm going to stop there. I am tremendously blessed. Family, Friends, Love. If I start naming everything, I might not stop.

I am thankful for YOU. :)

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