Sunday, December 07, 2008

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I am anticipating a snowfall this year on our sandy beaches :)
We had a deliriously busy weekend, but smiled a lot, had some laughs and had some good food!

Quick Recap!
  1. Oso Creek Volunteer Christmas Banquet
  2. Took group photos for a doctor's office Christmas Party
  3. Took some family pictures
  4. Took some newlywed pictures for a couple who eloped :)
  5. Santa Day at Nathan's Work
  6. Dinner out with the hubby
  7. Mother-in-law stayed in town with us to help with Wesley pooh
  8. The busiest night in Valet history and I made Nathan go to the banquet with me :)
  9. We got our new couches in
  10. And everything in between
It was such fun and I will post pictures of Wesley's first hysterical encounter with Santa, his first pony ride, fun with some fellow Creekers, and our Christmas tree trimmed with love.

Now...I am going to crash into my pillow and dream of peppermint mochas and all the lovely blogs that are coming your way....


  1. taI think your title brought the snow to the wrong place :) We woke up yesterday to snow on the ground and it snowed most of the day. I wish you could have been here to sled and make snow angels and all!! I pray your dreams come true for snow in CC!! We miss you all BIG TIME!!

  2. the "ta' at the beginning of the last comment was a hidden message from Izzie..when you decifer it, let me know :)

  3. i told nathan yesterday...isn't snowing in Maine....just think, we could have been there THIS WEEK and he said "i know, i know" very sadly.

    we miss you alllllll

  4. So I loved your last post with the story from hobby lobby. you are so very right! can you send me a 'blog slap' everyday and tell me to be happy?! jk but we are blessed with these sweet babies who make it so easy for us to love and encourage others because no one can pass up babies!! :) also I feel like such a goob because I always admire your photos and the quality they have and here at the top it says photographer! well duh! So do you take pictures on the side? you are talented!!