Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it snow!

It's funny. I anticipate the Advent Season all year long and when it gets here, it flies by. Absolutely just flies by. It's a little disappointing how fast it goes. We put up our Christmas tree the minute Thanksgiving comes to a close and we have hot chocolate and hot tea and sit by the tree and dream of sugar plummed fairies and dancing fairy princesses and nutcrackers in their grand attire, we whisper to Santa and shout that a Savior is born and sing the lovely songs and kiss under the mistletoe.

And then it's gone. With the new year approaching. A new year to ponder and a new year to make a difference in this world.

Last weekend Jamie took my family's Christmas pictures. :) It was SUCH fun.
We hadn't done anything like that in ages and it was so fun seeing Wesley run around Heritage Park like a loose canon. :) He is just so sweet.

So I'm a little late on working on our Christmas cards, but you'll get them before Christmas! :)
Like I mentioned before, this month is just zipping by. We've had Nathan's company Christmas party, several Christmas related photo sessions, family in town, our Volunteer Banquet at church (which I posted my pics of it on the church's flickr site) Wesley's first Santa experience, Santa Day @ Citgo, etc. etc. etc. And it's only the 15th! My baby boy turns 11 Months on WEDNESDAY. Can you believe our boys are almost 11 months, Kasey? I can't believe Wesley and his birthday buddy Easton are such big boys. It just brings tears to my eyes thinking how quickly children grow and change.

I am really excited about Wesley's first Birthday Party. :) It's something I haven't really give much thought to, but I told my parents I want it to be a pizza party. We had pizza at every fun party we had growing up, including our WEDDING (which rocked, by the way!) and I want my son to have pizza at his first birthday party. :) Oh did you know that Pizza Hut is changing all their ingredients? I haven't tried the new stuff, but I'll let you know when it rolls out. :) If you care, that is. Ha!
Anyways, what have you moms done for your baby's first birthday parties? Anything special or momentous happen? I've never been to a first birthday party before. :) Is that because they aren't that big of a deal? or because I just always miss them?

Tomorrow our friend CHERLY comes in town. She's been living in Australia for like 5 years!! She's an environmental animal lover type. :) She used to work at the Aquarium. She got her Masters over there in the land down under. She has dual-citizenship. I AM SO EXCITED to see "my shark". We met my freshman year of college and she called me her little "fish". She is definitely a kindred spirit. So I will post pictures of our pachanga that we're going to have for her at Jenna's house.
The above picture is of Charity, Cheryl, me & Nathan at Cheryl's house when she lived here. :) Good memories, right Chair Bear? I am so excited to see Cheryl!!!!

Ok, Wesley is getting up from his nap. I better run!!!


  1. Aaaah, I zzie had pizza and cake for her first birthday!! What fun!! They are what you want them to be. Some people go crazy and invite everyone they know and have a big hoopla with animals and tents and such..but that is pretty rare :) It is a day to celebrate a wonderful child so make it any way you will be wonderful because yo uwill make it that way!! i wish I could be there!!

  2. I'm sad I missed Cheryl's big bash! How did it go?

    For G's party it seemed very "typical" - we had about 25 people here (including family), and we had BBQ, a cake, and opened presents. No games, but there was a sandbox for the kids and since G was the center of attention, everyone was delighted to see her reaction to the many "firsts" of that day. I had her 1st year scrapbook on display, and there were balloons. She wore a pretty dress my mom gave her, and we sang songs to her - me on the piano, ricky on guitar, and a friend on the drums. We sang songs like Twinkle Twinkle, happy birthday, and some other children's favorites of hers.

    I think pizza is a great idea. It's a day to celebrate Wesley, so make it as fun for him as you can. One suggestion is to schedule it right after his nap, so that he'll be fresh and ready. Then don't make it too long so that he gets overtired in the middle of it.