Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Smile At Cashier Clerks

I am just going to start plowing through the things that are rolling around in my head.

The first one.
SMILE AT CASHIER CLERKS! They are doing something I never had the guts to do. Working at a retail store during the holiday season. :) (I lasted 2 weeks)

I have a story to tell you.
I was in line at Hobby Lobby. And many of you probably know that while Hobby Lobby is a proclaimed faith-owned store, there are some horrible attitudes walking around there from employees to shoppers. So many grumps out there! Well, they are known for having long lines around here......very long, very slow, very exhaustingly hot lines. It's pretty awful and I feel tired just remembering how warm it was in there that day. Well, there were several people in front of me in this particular line and let's just say the impatience was just saturating the air. I couldn't breathe because of the stank of so many people stomping their feet, groaning and complaining to this poor lady that was doing her best to check them out at a quick pace.

Now, I'm a self-proclaimed impatiently patient person. :) Confusing, huh? I can absolutely stand in line for HOURS because I know how exhausting and frustrating it can be to check people out. (I did a brief retail stint in my younger years) But there are other things that I just lose my patience on real fast.....that's another story for another date.

Anyways, while Wesley and I were waiting in line and the lady in front of us was complaining and hassling, I was tickling Wesley and making goofy faces at him and he was just laughing hysterically. I couldn't help laughing with him because he was just being such a sweet little ham. The time felt like none at all because of his sweet mood and before we knew it, we were at the front of the line checking out.

Then...the clerk looked at me and sighed deeply and said "Thank you for your patience, hearing your son's beautiful laugh was so refreshing".
To which I smiled and said she was doing an excellent job and tried to encourage her. She really did look like she was about to lose some tears.

When I walked away, thinking of her smiles and the frown she had previously been wearing, I was just overcome by how selfish we are, especially at this season of celebration, when we should be giving giving giving, loving loving loving and sharing sharing sharing. We should shout from the rooftops that a Savior is alive and moving and that these things we are spending money on are not eternal. They are not forever.

But Jesus is.

So smile at the people who are working hard to check your purchases. They were created for the Glory of Heaven. Just like you. Just like me. For His honor. For His glory.


  1. preach it lady! i've been behind the counter too, simple smiles can go so far when you've had a rough day... i also try to cheer up other line waiters when i can too!

  2. That's right! I didn't even mention other people who are waiting in line who need lovin' on too!

    Thanks for that reminder :) I MISS YOU!!

  3. holidays or not...I think we should always try to be lovin' on people in the service industry and those we encounter in our every day doings, just because they are providing a service to us doesn't make them less of a person. And a smile and kind word go a looooong way!!

  4. that made me cry! so sweet. I'm glad that you and little Wesley brightened someone's day :) little wesley... :)

  5. holidays or not, i agree!

    and im so glad we're friends leah leah :):)

  6. Yes, ma'am! Nail hit right on the head!

  7. You are SO right, Jade! Thanks for the reminder. :-)