Monday, December 01, 2008

The Tale of Despereaux

I am giddy. Nathan put Christmas lights on our house. I hung our wreath on our front door and we set up our beautiful tree with all our special memories. We don't use real trees for several reasons, but mostly because we have a toddling ten month old who puts any and everything in his mouth. :) I loved hanging three stockings on our mantle. :) It warms my heart.
And so far Wesley just looks at the tree. I caught him standing next to it this morning just staring at the twinkling lights. He didn't touch it or move or anything, he just stood there and stared up at this large indoor tree wondering why on earth mommy and daddy felt like they needed to plant something like that inside the house. I can just imagine what he's thinking.

So now that Wesley is on the move and walking like a pro and quickly at that that, do any of you moms have any tips on how to buy toddler shoes that are affordable? I just can't believe how much these little shoes cost and how fast Wesley's feet are growing. Any tips are welcome!

We had a nice, laid back Thanksgiving with my family. We went over to Nathan's aunts in the evening for dinner, but none of his immediate family was there because they were all in Kyle, Tx at his little sister's house. We weren't able to travel because Nate was on call, but I'm not entirely sure that we would have made the trip. Wesley was teething horribly for two days and was hot and fussy and just miserable. Poor kid. Breaks my heart. Growing is so hard.

I have so much on my mind right now, but my left eye is squeezed shut because I think I might have a scratch on it. Wesley stabbed me in the eye with his fingers today on accident while I was settling him down for his nap. Pray it's nothing, I'm not an eye doctor kind of girl. If you know what I mean. So since my eye is shut and I'm slowly losing energy as we speak, I will share my thoughts with you at a later time.

Here's a preview:
  • I need Africa more than Africa needs me
  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard
  • Smile at cashier clerks
  • Give me Your eyes for just one second
  • Italy
  • The Tale of Despereaux
  • Advent Conspiracy
Ok, as obscure as those tidbits were, I have quite a range of subjects plowing through my head and my heart.

And with that, I bid you adieu.


  1. Wesley is so cute! I must start off saying that. :-)

    I love Brandon Heath's song, Give me your eyes, I'm assuming that's where you're going with that...Wouldn't it be amazing if we could look through God's eyes & see how much he loves us? I can't even begin to imagine, after all the crap I've done, how he would see me...

    And the Tale of Desperaux looks SO cute... (I don't know if you saw High School Musical 3-i did, twice so far- but every preview looked awesome, and the T of D was one of them...).

    Okay, Jade, I love you and your beautiful family, and now I shall go pass out...
    Hope to see you at lifegroup tomorrow!

  2. Have you looked at Craigslist or ebay? I don't know if you're willing to do second hand, but a lot of times they are things that have barely been worn. I guess you could get him measured and fitted at Stride Rite, then go look for the same online.
    Oh my gosh, Kya was cutting her first four teeth last week and I thought I seriously was going to lose my mind.
    I am so worried about the same thing with the Christmas tree. I am like, what is high enough to put it on so she doesn't pull it on top of herself. Let me know how it goes.

  3. can't WAIT to read all of those posts! glad you had a good thanksgiving too...nothing beats good food and time with family...

    we are going to try a real tree this year, although i have already told myself it might be a complete disaster and as anxious as i am to get it up now, I will probably be glad when its down and i can quit chasing cohen away from it:)

    We;ll see

  4. I cannot wait for Tales of Beetle the Bard!

  5. Nice to have found your blog. Hope you continue to enjoy the season.