Monday, January 19, 2009

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Well, Wesley's party was a hit. He had a blast interacting with everyone who came. Thank you to you all who could make it. It was wonderful celebrating! Wesley got so many clothes and fun toys. I got him his first crayons, those little toddler crayons that they palm by Crayola. And, of course, some construction paper to doodle on. I can't wait for the day for him to say "mama, let's color togeher". Is that being idealistic? Hehe. Well i don't care. I can't wait for him to color.

Uncle Brandon made Wesley this fabulous cake that was nearly 2 feet tall. :) He was trying to make a cake the height of Wesley. It was such a yummy cake. I made Wesley his own personal cake, but really, he wasn't all that interested in it. I don't think he enjoyed the squishy icing between his fingers so that distracted him. He ate a little bit of the icing, but just a little. I think he was so tired already by this time that he was just disinterested. hehe.

And I was only mildly weepy on his birthday. He just looked like such a big boy all day that I had to keep my emotions in check. :) But it really was a fun first birthday.

So who else is excited about the inauguration? I can't believe that we are alive for this historical event. It's thrilling and I love putting little keepsakes in Wesley's babybook. He was born during one of the most historical presidential elections our nation has seen thus far. How exciting!

My friend just had a baby on Sunday (the day after Wesley's birthday) and I just think how incredible that this tiny baby was born before such an historical event. It make me feel a little weepy thinking that these babies are born for purpose. I don't know what Wesley will be when he grows up, but I pray that he will grow into a man of integrity and that he would follow in God's Word and trust it fully.

I'm a little sentimental when it comes to these babies being born. Don't be surprised if I talk about babies often. :) I think I'm allowed. hehe.

Gotta run!

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