Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama!

Well, yesterday was my mom's birthday! We didn't get to celebrate with her because my dad took her to a SPURS game in San Antonio. She did get to swing by my house to say hi to her little doodle bug. It's pretty fun to me that Wesley and his grandma nancy share a birthday week. :) He would have been born on her birthday if our doctor had an Operating Room open for her that day. (Remember, I had to have a C-Section because Wesley was just not budging).

Anyways cheers to mom on her birthday "week" since I didn't post this yesterday. I wasn't really at the computer at all. Wesley and I ran around all afternoon and then headed over to visit Nathan's family for dinner for Nathan's sister's birthday. Which, coincidentally is also on my mom's birthday. In fact, every birthday on Nathan's side of the family falls on a birthday of someone in my family. Pretty nuts, huh?
I am getting pretty excited about Wesley's birthday. I'm a little weepy, knowing my baby is a "big boy" and not a newborn. I just want to rock him and cuddle him and he just wants to run and play. He is a sweet boy and lets me give him kisses all over before he runs and plays. :)

I've just been thinking about last year at this time...getting ready, feeling anxious, sitting in Wesley's nursery just thinking about what it will be like when my little one finally arrives. It's so thrilling and exhilarating and scary. I knew that I was going to have to have a C-Section and that was really scary but I trusted that God knew what he was doing. And PRAISE God for the doctor's gifts because my son was a 10 lbs boy! Woooooo. Healthy though, and cute as can be.

Anyways...Happy Birthday week mom and I'm so glad I'm your daughter. I know a lot of girls who would have loved having a mom like you and I'm glad I'm the one that has you!

Oh, the picture above is from my wedding. Isn't she pretty?

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