Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where have we been???

Well, I suppose updating you is in the stars tonight. Baby bear is sleeping, Papa bear is working, puppy bear is snoring in her harry potter closet (whole other post for another day) and I am suddenly wide awake. I think about updating you fairly often, dear friends, but I haven't had the inspiration. Definitely blogger's block!

Let's see. The last real post was when Wesley was sick with RSV, Nathan was sick with a cold and I was getting a cold. My darling friend Tiffany came for a visit and she introduced me to Airbonne (?) and I chugged that stuff. :) I found myself feeling pretty good and praise the Lord we are all feeling much better. 100% brand spankin new. Back to little jaunts to the park, grocery store, grandma's house, etc.

Nathan bought me Mario Cart for the Wii for our anniversary (which was last Wednesday...three years!!) and we have been having fun racing eachother. I'll be honest. I'm not very good. Once upon a time, when Nathan and I were just friends and having all sorts of "defining the relationship" conversations, I learned to play HALO just so that I could keep up with him and you know..flirt a bit :) Well, turns out I was AWESOME and kicked booty and thus our love affair with Halo I, II, & III began and it was THE cool thing. Well, when I got pregnant.....let's just say the nausea was too much and I ceased my video game playing days. Maybe a little Rock Band here, some Tetris there...but nothing major. Now I've discovered that my self proclaimed mad title of Princess of the Gaming World is severly overstated, because I find myself in last place far too often. :) Yeaa Yea, I'll get better. You just wait. Soon I'll be back to playing Halo all over again.

In other news, Wesley turns ONE in exactly one week. Next Saturday, the 17th. :) How fun is that? I've decided not to throw a major bash. I've just been thinking that it's okay for us to not go all out this year. Believe me, when he's bigger he will have all sorts of fun birthday parties. But I'm just feelin' low key this year and wanting to share it with just a small crowd. We will of course have pizza and ice cream and CAKE but nothing too fancy. So if you're wondering where your invitation is, well I didn't buy any! :) The only reason I would want to buy invitations for his first birthday is so that I can put one in his scrapbook. :)

He will have a marvelous day with his family and I of course will post pictures. I can't wait to see him with his first birthday cake. I always love babies and their "first" cake. So cute. I do want to find him a shirt that says "I'm ONE" or something. I might just make it if I can't find it. Any suggestions you moms out there?

Oh did I mention that when we took Wes to the Doc the first time he weighed 24.5 lbs and when we took him for his follow up he was 22.1 lbs. I knew he was going to lose a little bit since his appetite was gone. (I knew he was getting better when he would complain when we tried to stop feeding him hehe).

Ohhh and how could I forget. Wesley is saying "words". He says grandma, grandpa, mama, dada, dog, ball and he nods his head very enthusiastically when you ask him a question. And today he was signing "eat" fairly often. He usually just signs "more" and "all done" most often. Oh, and he says "buh bye". Now, none of these words are clear speech, but it's so beautiful hearing him speak. He knows what he's saying and he points often and claps and waves at EVERYONE he sees in the stores. He used to be VERY shy with his waves but now he flirts and waves and laughs at everyone without any shame.

He also loves his books and toys and will entertain himself all on his own. He loves sitting by the back door with books and toys spread around him while Stormy looks in from the outside. He just laughs at her.

We've also taken away the big high chair and brought in just a restaurant style high chair so that Wesley can sit at the table with us. I'm trying to teach him to use a spoon and plate/bowl. He eats very well and often wants to hold the spoon himself. Which is usually disastrous (see above picture) but we have fun :) I really enjoy having him sit at the table with us. He usually joins in the conversation and laughs hysterically when we laugh at something. It is so darn cute. :) This last picture is of Wesley at breakfast this morning dancing to the iPod. I think Chris Tomlin was playing (his oldddd stuff). I usually play some tunes in the morning. We are so groovy.

Well, this was random and not at all deep and inspiring, but it was fun to clear my head a bit. Ciao!


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  3. I think you should make the "I am ONE" shirt. Low-key will be sweet for you all... enjoy it :)

    Oh and uh, 22, 24 pounds?? That's a healthy strong boy you've got! I'm so glad he's talking now, jade! I love babies' sweet voices too... although our sweet Genevieve still doesn't say much. :)