Sunday, February 08, 2009

.my love.

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

Today is Nathan's 26th birthday. So if you get the chance, facebook him, myspace him, text him, send a carrier pigeon. Do what you gotta do. :) Just wish him a happy birthday. Or in my native language "feliz cumpleanos".

I feel the need to share our love story with you guys. If you've read this before, or heard this story too many times, then please, by all means, quit reading. But I, personally, feel this is the most thrilling tale of adventure, romance, suspense, and well...Halo.

It all began my first summer as a full time Zephyr Summer Staff. It was July and we were hosting our ever popular 3D camp where many local churches traveled by the hundreds to our beautiful blistery encampment. One of those said churches happened to be one by the name of First Baptist Odem. :) Well one day, as I was slopping the food onto the trays, trying to beat the clock and get the campers fed before they erupted into little nightmares, a guy walks in through the line wearing a t-shirt that only a few people on this earth could have. It was a Faltonio Falls mission trip shirt that my brother also owned. And that's exactly what I called out (while wearing an apron and a hat in the shape of a lobster) "Hey! My brother has that shirt!!" Not the most elegant way to begin a lifelong romance, but memorable indeed. The clever guy that Nathan is responded with a quick "oh yea?" and that was that.

Moving past the few (and brief) conversations we had at camp (after discovering that my brother showed him a picture of me and mentioned that he should look me up at the Z) we find me back in Corpus Christi ready to begin my freshman year of college and following my big brother into the Baptist Student Ministry. An organization designed to draw college students closer to Jesus and to go out into the world spreading the Gospel. Well, needless to say, Nathan and my bro were pals through the BSM and I found myself face to face with this guy from camp in my own living room. (yes, I thought he was cute)

One day, Nathan was hanging around my house waiting for my brother to get off work and we found ourselves having a real conversation, then we found ourselves playing Halo together, then we found ourselves driving to DQ to get some ice cream together. Where we proceeded to make out in front of little old ladies. (just kidding, I was testing you to see if you were still with me)

Thus our friendship began and well, tears come to my eyes remembering all the fun adventures we had as friends. We traveled from Dallas, to Colorado, to Los Angeles, to a little lakehouse on Lake Corpus Christi and had marvelous, silly, sometimes dramatic, adventures. I don't know the exact moment that I felt my heart fill with love for him, but I have many memories of many moments where I felt confidence that the Lord had a plan for us, marriage, ministry, adventure, family.

The second summer I spent at Zephyr began with many nights of me laying in bed dreaming, praying, and wondering what the next steps of our friendship would bring. Nathan would visit me at Zephyr, we would walk on the hill and talk about the future (sometimes argue) and then June 26, 2003, we had our final DTR (defining the relationship) talk and he asked me to be his girlfriend. :) And I can't stop smiling just thinking about it.

Well there you go friends. There's a short summary of how Nathan and I fell in love. (Yes, the short version).

Oh, and because I just think it freakin' rocks and I want you to know how awesome Nathan is. Below is the poem he wrote for me and recited when he proposed to me April 17th, 2005.

Snow White was tricked by a Witch's lie;
Jasmine was waiting for the right guy.

Cinderella raced against the 12 o'clock bell
Beauty had only until the last petal fell

Ariel had just three days to gain true love's kiss
The kiss Aurora dreamed she wouldn't miss

Through evil spells and rotton apples, they emerged victorious;
To marry the man of their dreams was glorious.

I don't have a white horse or shining armour
And I don't claim to be much of a charmer

But know this, I will always love you;
Just like a fairy tale, it is true

The last petal has fallen, the midnight bell has rung;
The evil enchantment is broken, the Little Mermaid has sung.

So now it's time to take your rightful place;
Among the beautiful princesses dressed in lace.

Just one more lock needs a key;
The answer to the question: "Will you marry me?"

Now seriously, how awesome is that?
Now here we are, mommy and daddy, and many more adventures ahead of us!

So Happy Birthday, Nathan, My love. You are definitely the cheese to my macaroni, the salt to my pepper, the peanut butter to my jelly, the ketchup to my french fries. I love you and I pray this year brings us many more joyous adventures! Thank you for loving me like you do!

(p.s. i would apologize for how smoochy woochy this post is, but well...i'm not sorry!!)


  1. Aww, Jade, that poem is so perfect! Kudos to Nathan. :)

    You guys are so sweet & I love you so much!

  2. That is a beautiful poem and I can count the number of my friends who would be sobbing after reading/hearing would their husbands because now they know what they're up against! You have a beautiful love story. I pray peace and wonderful adventures all over it! You two were made for each other!

  3. you're an awesome wife! (ps i love that last pic of you guys!)