Sunday, February 22, 2009

tut tut, looks like rain

  • there were some glorious storm clouds overhead today.
  • there wasn't much rain
  • still waiting for our computer to be rescued
  • yes, it was murdered by a virus
  • i really would like to paint our house
  • nathan said this summer we will
  • that makes me happy
  • re-arranged our master bedroom
  • looks pretty fabulous to me :)
  • Stormy is getting groomed on Monday
  • yay
  • Beauty & the Beast is my favorite Disney movie
  • i wish i owned it on dvd
  • VHS is what i have
  • but no VHS player
  • bummer
  • anyone know where i can find good toddler table/chair set?
  • i still want to find a set for Wesley & friends
  • nathan promised me a date tomorrow
  • yay

ok, this was random, but i haven't the energy for a real blog
love love love

1 comment:

  1. I know they have cute toddler tables and chairs at IKEA, there's one in Round Rock right off 35. Not hard to miss.