Monday, March 09, 2009

Cajun Country

So Tuesday we are beginning the first leg of our Cajun Country Tour. We are headed to my grandma's in Houston to spend the night, then headed to New Orleans Wednesday morning. We are cutting our driving in half for Wesley's sake (and Nathan's as he will be the main driver) and to get a quickie visit in with my grandma. She hasn't seen Wesley in a while, so it will be a nice little visit.

I am so excited about our trip. I've never been EAST of Texas. EVER. Ive crawled all over the West and mid-west, and North to Canada (north easterly), but not in our native land. :) I want to drive up to the east coast someday and do a colonial tour. I am such a geek for early American history and I'd love to go to all the old historic towns and museums. Maybe when Wesley is old enough and a teenager and can complain about his crazy mama wanting to stop at every single historical marker. Ohhh dear.

The MAIN reason we are traveling to Louisiana is for Melissa's wedding (Nathan's cousin). She is going to be exquisite in her gown and Lucas (her fiance) is going to be so dashing. I am simply ecstatic to see her in her dress. I know I am going to cry just a little. I'm so sentimental and I just remember how deeply moved I was at my own wedding and it thrills me when people experience that same joy. I shall never forget my walk down the aisle on my dad's arm, glimpsing my mom standing and just glowing near the aisle, and my brother standing at my husband's right hand, and Nathan's sweet sweet smile. Oh I love seeing brides as they see their groom for the first time, feeling so beautiful, like heaven on earth. It's so special. So, I am excited about our trip to say the least. ;) Please pray for our safe traveling, for a good experience for Wesley, well for all of us, and for Melissa as she prepares to marry her love. I am delighted to be a part of it all and for the "vacation" time.

Our trip to New Orleans is going to be quick, but it will be worth it, I think. Just since we're "so close", I thought it would be worth it. :) I'm excited!

I will update you guys as we go along.
Blessings all around!!

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