Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my daddy's birthday! Woo! I don't really have any more time to sit here at the computer, but I wanted to dedicate a blog to him today! (if you're reading this, Happy Birthday daddio!)

I have a story to tell and you will all understand why I love books so much: When we were kids, my dad would take me to Half Priced Books, the Shepard Shoppe, Waldon Books, or whatever bookstore we could find and he would always let me buy one book. I have memories of myself crying because I wanted to bring home a stack and dad would say "only one book"...and sometimes, just sometimes, I would come home with a stack. hehe then we would go home and dad would read me stories from our colorful encyclopedia collection. We would read about ancient egyptians or greek and roman mythology. He would tell me stories about King Arthur or we would talk about dinosaurs and where they went. Basically any and all history, he turned it into a fun storytime session for us. I love that! I hope to be able to carry on that tradition with our kids. It really made us love to learn and we loved our encyclopedias. (yes, I colored all over the insides of them) The cool thing is, my dad still loves a good story. Usually it's news stories that we discuss now, but my dad still listens to my ramblings and I've never felt unloved.

I would like to thank my dad for taking me to the books stores so much as a kid, for taking me to Academy to go shopping, for letting me have so many pets growing up, and for being such an incredible grandpa to my son. :) Wesley really loves his grandma and grandpa Guerra. They give him pizza and let him play outside ALL day long if he wants (without any naps!) I've taken a lot for granted in my day, including what special parents I have. So if you see my dad today, give him a high 5 and wish him a Happy Birthday. He really is the best. I see so many qualities in Nathan that I see in my dad and I know that I married a good man because of that. :) I love you dad!

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