Saturday, March 21, 2009

Springing forward...with a bounce

I simply adore the changes of seasons. It reminds me of fresh sheets, sweet smells of the kitchen, and my senses are flooded with childhood memories of bike rides with my family or playing in our fort with my grammar school chums. Simple memories, but very special ones. Nate, Wes, & I went to Lowe's today so that my man could buy a sprinkler for our pathetically browning grass in our backyard, and we strolled through the garden section taking in the fragrant smells of the flowers all around us. We plan to paint our house in April or May, and put up brand new fencing around our back yard. So to buy flowers today wouldn't really have been wise, so we refrained....oh but the smells were just so heavenly. I found an Ambassador Rose of the sweetest peach color, bloomed and so sweet smelling. I wanted to buy it and I just might sneak back and add it to my rose garden. Wesley was so cute "smelling" it with me. I am so thankful for his love of the outdoors. I so look forward to the days when he starts asking questions about nature and God's creation. Right now it's fun to just watch him marvel at it all. It must seem like a terribly big world to him, but it will grow small one day. He will learn that a flight to Istanbul is just one connection away, that our neighbors were raised in Pennyslyvania, that our ancestors ferried over in ships over just one small ocean. (or the Rio Grande in my case hehe). It is a wonder to me how when we were children, the world seemed to vast and full of adventure, but now as an adult, it seems so small and while it still holds adventure for some of us, it isn't as fancy as it once was. War, crimes, grief seems to cloud the news so much these days, I am thankful for the hope of Jesus and that one day this world will pass, but the Glory of God will reign forever.

I was looking at my old mentor's pictures to Isreal. Her and her husband took a pilgrimage and their pictures are just so special. To walk where Jesus walked, to see so much of the traditions first hand. They even renewed their vows at the place that they think Jesus did his first miracle. Awesome!

I'm running in swift circles here. It's too pretty a day to stay indoors, so I think Wesley and I will go outside and help "dada" with chores.

Oh! I have some new art going up at Coffee Waves in April, there will be an opening the 3rd I think. Don't quote me on that, I'll have a flyer posted here for you later. Have a beautiful day!


  1. I liked this post Jade... whats Coffee Waves?

  2. Coffee Waves is a coffee shop here in CC that opened up last January. Its a very comfortable place to relax and eat gelato :) they have good coffee from what I hear, but Im not a coffee drinker, so I couldnt tell you first hand.

    if you are ever in town, you should check it out :) and we could catch up. Its on Alameda closer to Ennis Joslin