Thursday, March 05, 2009

where's the updates???

Hey kids,
It's been so busy on our end of the world. I can't wait to share with you all the great (and crazy) stuff that has been going on. God has been blessing my small business and I love seeing the smiles through my lens. :) Such beautiful people :):) And Wesley is growing like a weed and demanding adventure already!! And Stormy is currently at Grandma Terina's gettin groomed!!! Woooo! That makes me so happy. (I know I'm cute and cuddly, but I turn into a monster when I find shedding in our carpet and corners bleeeeeeh). Nathan and I joined a gym and got body analysts done and it was way fun to see where we are physically and age-wise :) So now we have started a workout plan, Nathan is training for beach to bay and I'm just gettin health-health-healthyyyy wooowoo. I never knew how much fun working out really is. :) I mean, i've done like health videos (soul gym! haha) and walked in the 'hood, mostly, but never gym workouts. I've never been atheletic (thats always been my brother), so this is a little new for me. I'm excited though just to work out with Nathan. It's so fun :):) Aaaaad it's cool because Wesley is in the kid's club, so he can learn about healthy lifestyles early and he gets to play on all their cool toys.

We are going to Nathan's cousin's wedding next week in Louisiana and I am SO EXCITED.. Not just because Melissa is going to be a gorgeous gorgeous bride and I think I might cry, but I am just excited for a bit of a vacation. Oh yay.

short and sweet, talk soon

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  1. That is so cool about the health club!!! I wish there was one near clay and I! Miss you lady :)