Monday, March 30, 2009

who's a Twerd?

Anyone who says movies don't affect your dreams is crazy. We have a rule in our house. NO scary movies. I was deeply, deeply convicted around 2003 about scary movies (horror movies, to be exact) and have not seen one since (nor Nathan). I am very imaginative by nature, and seeing something so graphic with my waking eyes is not easily released by my mind. It burns itself into my head for many many years. I still have images flash in my mind from movies I saw as a youth and my heart can only grieve for those memories. Every once in a while (when my imagination gets the better of me) I have to remind myself that those creaking noises you hear at night aren't anything but creaks, and that's it's really okay to shower when you're home alone on a dark and rainy night. Ha!

Well, we watched Twilight last night on dvd. We rented it. Wesley was at my parents and we had a great time being "grown ups" with other grown ups. Haha. Thank you mom and dad!
Anyways, I had been interested in Twilight for a while. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with all those crazy Twerds out there (Twilight Nerds). I'm a self proclaimed Harry Potter fan, I've read all the books a thousand times, hated the movies for the same reasons I hated Prince Caspian the movie, and I've even gone to a midnight madness book release party at B&N (not dressed up :)) So you can imagine my intrigue in these silly fantasy books. What pushed me over the edge is "the Twilight Series" win over "the Harry Potter Series" in the Kids Choice Awards. I was under the impression that Twilight was for is about vampires, I was thinking of comparing it along the lines to "Interview with a Vampire"....apparently I was wrong. Because when they announced (at the KCA) that Twilight won, all the kids went absolutely INSANE....and there's still 3 Harry Potter movies coming out. Hmm.

Nathan let me pick Twilight as a "feeling better" bonus, since I hadn't been feeling tip top shape this weekend. Let me just say...I can see how those youths have such a fascination with the movie. It isn't an overly sexual movie, it's fairly clean in fact (compared to other teenage flicks) and there was no foul language. In fact, there was very little dialogue. Ricky kept asking when the action was going to happen, ha! But for those kids (girls in particular) who are longing for deep love to enter their lives, for romance and passion, I can see how the intensity between Edward and Bella fueled that longing even more. It's pretty electrifying. I'm a dreamy, imaginative person by nature, so fairy tales, old ancient stories, greek and roman myths, anything found in an old encyclopedia makes me feel all giddy inside. I read The Neverending Story about 40 times when I was in 6th grade, I have read the entire Chronicles of Narnia collection about 40 thousand times. So drawing myself into stories comes as a second nature to me. Stories where love wins out are m favorites. And if there happens to be a little adventure and mayhem in between (a dragon or two maybe) it makes it all the better. So you can see that I am slowly falling prey to this ridiculous trend that is Twilight.

Well...about the dreams, I haven't really the time to spell it out for you, but let's just say I had dark and silly dreams last night. Very realistic and very colorful and very dark all at the same time. At one point in my dreams I walked from darkness into a very bright field full of big fragrant blossoms and rose petals were raining from the skies above. I woke up with tears streaming down my face. I haven't dreamt quite that dramatically in a very long time and I'd like to give the credit to the movie. I've always believed that movies have a startling effect on people's spirits, that's why I don't allow horror movies in our house. We do watch 24 and shows with violence, but I always walk away from something or close my eyes if I feel it's too much for my spirit to take in. But I just gotta know what happens to Jack Bauer. (Kiefer Sutherland said in an interview that he would love for Jack to die for his country...)

I bought the first Twilight book today and I intend on starting it tonight, if I can. I wanted to see the movie first so I wouldn't hate it right off the bat. If the book is as incredible as people have told me, then I know my disappointment in the movie would be keen and I'd rather enjoy it now. Does that make sense?

The Art Show is Friday, by the way, at Coffee Waves, at 730. Hobo will play at 8 and there will be snacks to share. :) So come on by and admire the art!

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  1. I also had decided to stop watching scary movies many years ago... probably way back in 2000. The only day I'd allow myself was Halloween, but even then it was a mixture of fun and hard go watch. Over the past year I've found myself wanting to slack in that decision but the couple moments of letting myself and now your post have definitely reminded me that my life really is better without the horror. Besides why should I let something good be spoiled by getting scared about it?