Sunday, April 05, 2009


Sometimes I forget that I am a grown up. I forget that a trip to Rome is only 2 connections away and that if I need some air to breathe, I have a car that I can pack up and drive to the Redwood forests. Or the mountains. I've mentioned before that the forests and mountains are my special places. Walking in the woods, seeing the sun split the sky above a great range of mountainous rock....those are the precious moments in life that take my breath away. The sea for me often turns my heart, but my great love is for the smell of pine and sap and earth. While the calming heartbeat of the ocean is a joy to receive, the light breaking through the leaves of the tallest trees is a true delight.

Of course driving to the mountains and forests that I love so dearly is held back by responsibility. Nate has his work and I have mine. We have our family to raise and our community to build up...and a dog to walk. So even though I have the freedom to run off to the places that I dream of, we have our responsibilities.

I told Nate this morning that I have this very unsatisfied heart right now. Yes, I praise God for his tender provisions in our life. A stable home, a close, loving family, friends to enjoy life with.

But I've been longing.
For what?
"Oh a million unobtainable things" (from the mouth of Vicky Austen, one of my fictional heroines and dearest of friends).
What to do about it?
"Press on." (from the thoughts of my dearest husband)

So on this Palm Sunday as I quietly consider it's meaning and purpose, I praise God for the freedoms I have. Freedom to work, to run, to praise, to dream, to weep, to laugh, to listen.
I am free.


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