Tuesday, May 26, 2009

flowers and stars

"Thou canst not stir a flower
Without troubling a star"
--Francis Thomson

I have a memory, somewhat dimmed by the years, of me sitting on the back of a hayride in the beautiful hill country of Bandera, Texas, holding a flashlight in my hands, and gazing up at the stars. I believe I was about ten years old, with frizzy hair and an awkward gait. But I loved the stars. And when I lost myself in their depths, this particularly cool Texas summer night, I knew that I could be anything I wanted. I could travel to the moon and back, if that was my heart's desire. I could climb mountains, ride horses across great plains, fly in a hot air balloon around the world. I was royal, important, and necessary on this earth.

How often, as time moves slowly and then quickly, we forget what we are capable of.

Far too often.


  1. Beautiful! I've always wondered if there were other people out there who reminisced like me. Good to know, you do. :)
    I remember many a long car rides staring out the window looking at the stars and thinking that anything was possible! I truly believe these star gazing times were the beginnings of our Lord arousing my heart to His wonderous world!
    Can't wait to see you tonight almost birthday girl!

  2. I have this intense fascination with the sky, particularly with space, stars, the moon, etc. One of my favorite memories occured about 7 years ago: I was lying on a 4-wheeler (it's actually possible:) in the middle of a valley in west Texas late at night. It looked like God had stretched out his hand and painted the sky. You could actually see the swirling pattern of the stars. There is something challenging and inspiring in the sky and God's ability to create universes spanning millions of years. And there's something within it that compels us to stretch as far as we can, to live with abandon and embrace it.

  3. Jadie! This post made me tear up.

    To feel that way again....