Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Happy Birthday Jamie!!
Today is one of my best girl's birthday! She and I have been friends for around 5 years...maybe longer, they all kind of blur together. :) We have been on so many adventures together, so many important life events. She's been there for me through my relationship with Nathan, she was there when he proposed, she was there when we planned our wedding, she was my roomie at Zephyr, she was my maid of honor, she was there for me when we told the world we were going to have a baby, she was there the day I delivered my sweet little lamb and she's been there for Wesley and all of us every day since. She is a real friend, putting other's feelings above and beyond her own. She loves her family with abandon and seeks to discover the beauties of Jesus in her life. She works hard and pursues righteousness. She's authentic and has one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen! :) She is also very silly, klutzy in her own way, sometimes she stares off into space forgetting what she was going to say in the first place, she takes forever to hang up on the phone, reads so very slowly and she does her best with her cooking endeavors. She has the worst road rage I've ever seen, and she yells at other drivers if they tee her off. She loves passionately and angers rarely. She's so human, so perfectly imperfect, and she's my best friend. So here's to Jamie on her birthday. Wish her well and cut her off one day on the road if you can ;)
I love you Jamie K!

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