Sunday, June 28, 2009

First to Eat Contest

A couple weeks ago, Jade, Wes, and I were watching Wheel of Fortune. Apparently Wes had already figured out the puzzle and decided to do something better. The next thing we know, he is sitting in his high chair.

Being the good parents we are, we wanted to make sure what he was doing was safe, so we had him reenact if for us. It seemed like he had a pretty good handle on things. Jade has been practicing with him and I think he's ready for competition.

This video doesn't show his best time, because we didn't want to show our strategy to potential competitors, but you get the idea.

Let me know if any of you parents want to set up some scrimmages. Are there any local competitions for this kind of stuff or can Wes only compete at the national level?

Friday, June 26, 2009

So it seems

"So I go to church, not because of any legalistic or moralistic reasons, but because I am a hungry sheep who needs to be fed; and for the same reason that I wear a wedding ring: a public witness of a private commitment." --Madeleine L'Engle

While I don't agree with all her thoughts on faith and Christianity, I do enjoy this one sentiment by one of my favorite authors.

And I realize the world is talking about the loss of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, etc, I can't help but think how swiftly life moves for us. It is a grievous thing, to live and love and grow, because our end is guaranteed. But what a joy to have the opportunity of life. Like many of us, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett were faced with decisions to make and opportunities to grasp. And like many of us, I am sure they were not the easiest of choices.

I don't care who you are, famous or not, death is never easy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


BG is in town and he stayed over here at our house for the weekend! I always like it when he comes home for a visit. We got to go see Shane & Mer and little Brooklyn @ the hospital last night.
Meredith did so awesome and I think Brooklyn looks so much like her. What a joy, it definitely made me a little sentimental. :) I love that sweet little family. I got to take preggo pictures of Meredith last week, so we got pictures in just in time. She was a super sport letting me drag her to a field and then to a park. She humors me so well. :) What a good friend.

Anyways, I am here at home instead of at church because I feel sick and I will spare you the details. Bleh. Let's just say, staying home was the best thing for me. I am about to run and nap before we head over to my parent's house this afternoon.

I just wanted to send a shout out to my dad and husband. Two extraordinary men. Two incredible husbands. Two generous and loving fathers. How can I be so blessed? They teach me so much and I never think twice about their love for me. I just pray that Wesley can grow into the kind of men that surround him. He is such a blessed little boy to have such strong male influence in his life. He definitely is all BOY. Jumping off the couch and drinking straight from the waterhose. He has loved playing with his Uncle BG this weekend. This morning when Brandon left for church, Wesley went and knocked on the guest room door and yelled "BAAABAAAAA". That was new. Usually everything is "dada" but I think he starting to get the "b" sound. He was definitely looking for uncle B.

Well, I sat here too long. Nap time. Have a blessed day all you dad's out there or dad's to be :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wesley Loves Kya

So Nathan and I have a small group that we meet with on Wednesday nights. We enjoy our time of discussion (our topics vary from east to west) and we love to talk and laugh together. It is such a blessing to our heart to find a group of people we can learn with and grow with and just be ourselves with. It is definitely a group of authenticity. And I love it.

Last night we had tacos and I wish you could have seen the mess we left behind in our kitchen. It was truly a sticky mess of dried frijoles and queso and salad on the floor and counters. :) Well, if you know me, I LOVE to wake up to a clean kitchen and it was nearly 1130 by the time the evening was completely over and Nathan (my darling, wonderful husband) helped me clean it all.
And I was just completely ecstatic when I woke up this morning and and strolled into a kitchen of sunshine and baby rosebuds in my vase. Definitely one for the books. So this is my THANK YOU to my man for helping me scrub away the mess last night and load the dishwasher, etc. It made my day :)

Oh, and when our friends showed up last night with Kya bear, Wesley was swooning over her....too funny!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This past weekend we went to go visit my brotha' in Laredo. Let me tell you, it felt like we were in Vegas all over again in August. It was so stinkin hot. But a different kind of hot. Desert Hot!

We had a good time, of course he fed us way too good. Ribs and pork sandwhiches and omlets and grape soda and brownies a la mode. :) not all at once of course, but it was so good. It really made me miss him more so than I had been, but I'm glad Wesley can video chat with him. Well, Wes doesn't really chat more as drool and yell and say "dada" to everything. Haha, but he loves his uncle Brandon and had an especially fun time tearing through his apartment.
Bg even took us to the Laredo Mall and Jamie and I stared in awe at the godzilla sized New York in Company store they have.

And on the way home, Nathan asked "is this where I turn?" because Jamie had already been down there and knew the way and we forgot the Tom Tom and didn't care to check a map. And for some strange reason I said "yes" and Jamie just agreed with me and we ended up south of Hebronville headed towards Zapata (which is on the border of Mexico, farther south) before we realized our error and had to turn around. Then we got pulled over because our taillight was out. Woops, didn't get a ticket though, but now I need to get that fixed. Needless to say, it was quite adventurous. And I think that's the last time Jamie will ride in the backseat of our car with Wesley. :) She might demand shotgun from now on.

Oh and the above pictures are my most favorite pictures from the weekend. The boys are so silly! They make me laugh.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Music, the food of love?

Music speaks to me. I admit, that if I am in a funk or feeling pretty stoic, play the right song and my mood will transform. That's why when I am in church in worship, you don't see me jumpin all over the place, going nuts with my arms raised and my eyes raised to the heavens. (I have to make an edit here: I love to see God's people in worship. When they are moved to dancing, tears, raised arms, kneeling before the Lord; whatever is happening between them and God, I love to see that. Community with the Lord during musical worship takes so many different shapes. So this isn't me saying I disapprove of that style. JUST to be clear hehe). I take worship very seriously because I know that if someone plays the right song I am easily swayed and I want my musical worship experience to be authentic and not measured by the movement of the song. I want to mean the words I sing and I generally spend my time of worship in prayer, letting the music soak itself into my heart and brain. I'm not saying the Lord doesn't move me physically. There are times when I feel the need to dance and sing and shout to the Lord, but lately the worship in my heart has been very subdued and very quiet. Sitting in the moonlight by the Frio River a few weeks ago was one of the best worship moments that I have had in while.  We haven't been to church since Mother's Day because of weddings, being out of town. I've missed it, so I am excited to be back this Sunday. 

I was just listening to this song and it isn't a song of worship or whatever, but it spoke to me and moved me very nearly to tears. I'll post the lyrics below for you so you can understand how easily my emotions are turned. Really, if music is the food of love, play on. I am so easily tempted into tears by music. By the way, I love you David Crowder Band. You guys are geniuses. I think I break into tears more often by their silly instrumental tracks than by anything else. Ohhhhhhhh I wish I had the talent for music. But then I wonder if I would appreciate it as much as I do.....probably. :)

How long, in your mind, 
waiting for the sun to shine 
How long, in your mind, 
waiting for the sun . . . 
To break through 
from the words that have you bound. 
To escape from the feeling 
you are lost and can’t be found. 
lost and can’t be found. 

Don’t hide your face, you cannot erase 
The pain that stays in your eyes. 
Lay down your guard 
Show them who you are 
Behind your disguise. 

You run far from home 
Think you’ll make it on your own. 
You run fast and slow 
But never seem to know where you’re going 
To break free 
from the words that hold you down 
To escape from the feeling 
Your are lost and can’t be found. 

Don’t hide your face, you cannot erase 
The pain that stays in your eyes. 
Lay down your guard 
Show them who you are 
Behind your disguise. 
Your disguise 

Don’t hide your face, 
you cannot erase 
The pain that stays in your eyes. 
Lay down your guard 
Show them who you are 
Behind your disguise. 
Behind your disguise 
Your disguise

Ok, the end :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

don't be alarmed

If you enter our blog page and notice PHOTOBUCKET nonsense all over the place, don;t be alarmed, my pictures will return soon enough. Slight problem with the photobucket server. No need to freak :)

P.S. I have so much going on this week! I have piles of laundry in my living room, a toddler who somehow manages to blow through our house like a little tasmanian devil, and a few photo shoots! Plus all the miscellaneous nonsense in between. Not complaining, but definitely trying to keep up with a little bit of grace.

P.S.S. an example of grace: I was pushing Wesley through Marshall's today in the store cart and Wesley picked up his sippy cup and hurled it 20 feet across the room. Woops! I hurriedly hauled us across the aisles to retrieve our little giraffe printed cup and got the heck out of dodge.

Welcome to my life :)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Jade's birthday, the Frio, and plenty of smiles

So, I turned 25 on Thursday, the 28th of May. It was a fabulous birthday week. Everyone showered me with lots of smiles and even more love and I'm so thankful for the family and friends who add so much color to my world. Thanks for the birthday wishes, they sure made me smile. :) We had a fancy little cocktail party over at the girl's house on Saturday the 30th for Jena and me (we are about 5 hours apart...she was born at around 8ish on the 27th and I was born a little after midnight on the 28th) so we had a joint party. We had a splendid time, drinking Shirley Temples and playing Catch Phrase and being silly. I wish my brother could have joined the festivities, but it's okay. He's going to come home Father's Day weekend and I hopefully will be able to visit him in the next week or so. The Seeger's were in town and Heather made me a FABULOUS apron :) You should order one from her. Her business name is FRESCO. Her blog link is on my page.

This PAST weekend, we went to the FRIO river with Nathan's family. They do it every year and it's so fun. We had such a good time catching up with the cousins from Houston and in between. Wesley was stinkin cute in his little river shoes and Nathan and I had a good time floating the river (Wes stayed with the other kids and the grandmas). It wasn't nearly so dry where we floated and we only had to walk once. And I didn't even get burned, with all the sunscreen I reapplied. :) I am very proud of that, because Wesley has my fair skin and we both did fairly (no pun intended) well for ourselves. As Baz always says, "Remember to wear your sunscreen".

Well, Saturday night Nathan decided to stay and play Progressive Rummy at one of the other cabins and I decided to go on a little moonlight walk by myself down to the River. It was seriously a good idea. The moon was almost done waxing and it was so high and gorgeous in the sky, I was memorized by the beauty of it. It has a beautiful weather ring around it and I just loved it. What a gift, vision is, to be able to stare at the creation that we take for granted too often. The stars were faint in the light of the moon, they were washed out and distant...but the moon was right in the palm of my hands and I was just saturated with peace. For the moment at least :) And it was a gorgeous moment for me. As a youth, at Travis Baptist Church, I remember taking moonlit strolls with my friend, Jacob's, mother (Ranae) whenever we went camping as a group. She would lead and I would just take in the loveliness of the night. Those are some very special memories to me. Thanks for those, Ranae!

So after my walk, I went up to our cabin to read and wait for my husband. (Wesley was already sleeping and so was grandma Terina!) When Nate finally showed up, we went on a stroll back down to the river. (The moon was seriously bright and it was just too gorgeous to stay indoors to was around midnight by now) and while Nate and I were sitting by the river talking, a light to the side of us caught our attention and voila! a little campfire that wasn't properly snuffed out came back to life. So we went to sit around it and chatted and stared at the moon glaring off the river. Very peaceful. Very special. It was nice, just Nate and myself, sitting there. So different from our daily life. I want to do that more often.

Anyways, now we are home and I am off to meet with a bride and groom to chat about a wedding :) Back to the real world...well, as real as my world gets anyways. I seriously need to get my head out of the clouds. I am just SO dreamy.

Have a great day world!