Sunday, June 28, 2009

First to Eat Contest

A couple weeks ago, Jade, Wes, and I were watching Wheel of Fortune. Apparently Wes had already figured out the puzzle and decided to do something better. The next thing we know, he is sitting in his high chair.

Being the good parents we are, we wanted to make sure what he was doing was safe, so we had him reenact if for us. It seemed like he had a pretty good handle on things. Jade has been practicing with him and I think he's ready for competition.

This video doesn't show his best time, because we didn't want to show our strategy to potential competitors, but you get the idea.

Let me know if any of you parents want to set up some scrimmages. Are there any local competitions for this kind of stuff or can Wes only compete at the national level?


  1. I love the look he gives when he glances over his shoulder... "I am not going to get in trouble for this, right?"

  2. Jack says he is in, but wants a high chair from pizza hut to practice in. Can you hook him up?