Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This past weekend we went to go visit my brotha' in Laredo. Let me tell you, it felt like we were in Vegas all over again in August. It was so stinkin hot. But a different kind of hot. Desert Hot!

We had a good time, of course he fed us way too good. Ribs and pork sandwhiches and omlets and grape soda and brownies a la mode. :) not all at once of course, but it was so good. It really made me miss him more so than I had been, but I'm glad Wesley can video chat with him. Well, Wes doesn't really chat more as drool and yell and say "dada" to everything. Haha, but he loves his uncle Brandon and had an especially fun time tearing through his apartment.
Bg even took us to the Laredo Mall and Jamie and I stared in awe at the godzilla sized New York in Company store they have.

And on the way home, Nathan asked "is this where I turn?" because Jamie had already been down there and knew the way and we forgot the Tom Tom and didn't care to check a map. And for some strange reason I said "yes" and Jamie just agreed with me and we ended up south of Hebronville headed towards Zapata (which is on the border of Mexico, farther south) before we realized our error and had to turn around. Then we got pulled over because our taillight was out. Woops, didn't get a ticket though, but now I need to get that fixed. Needless to say, it was quite adventurous. And I think that's the last time Jamie will ride in the backseat of our car with Wesley. :) She might demand shotgun from now on.

Oh and the above pictures are my most favorite pictures from the weekend. The boys are so silly! They make me laugh.

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