Sunday, June 21, 2009


BG is in town and he stayed over here at our house for the weekend! I always like it when he comes home for a visit. We got to go see Shane & Mer and little Brooklyn @ the hospital last night.
Meredith did so awesome and I think Brooklyn looks so much like her. What a joy, it definitely made me a little sentimental. :) I love that sweet little family. I got to take preggo pictures of Meredith last week, so we got pictures in just in time. She was a super sport letting me drag her to a field and then to a park. She humors me so well. :) What a good friend.

Anyways, I am here at home instead of at church because I feel sick and I will spare you the details. Bleh. Let's just say, staying home was the best thing for me. I am about to run and nap before we head over to my parent's house this afternoon.

I just wanted to send a shout out to my dad and husband. Two extraordinary men. Two incredible husbands. Two generous and loving fathers. How can I be so blessed? They teach me so much and I never think twice about their love for me. I just pray that Wesley can grow into the kind of men that surround him. He is such a blessed little boy to have such strong male influence in his life. He definitely is all BOY. Jumping off the couch and drinking straight from the waterhose. He has loved playing with his Uncle BG this weekend. This morning when Brandon left for church, Wesley went and knocked on the guest room door and yelled "BAAABAAAAA". That was new. Usually everything is "dada" but I think he starting to get the "b" sound. He was definitely looking for uncle B.

Well, I sat here too long. Nap time. Have a blessed day all you dad's out there or dad's to be :)


  1. I hope you're feeling better dear Jade. Feeling blah is no bueno. And I think little Wesley is going to grow up to be a beautiful young man with integrity and delight for all things artistic and Godly....

  2. That is a beautiful picture of Meredith Jade!