Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wesley Loves Kya

So Nathan and I have a small group that we meet with on Wednesday nights. We enjoy our time of discussion (our topics vary from east to west) and we love to talk and laugh together. It is such a blessing to our heart to find a group of people we can learn with and grow with and just be ourselves with. It is definitely a group of authenticity. And I love it.

Last night we had tacos and I wish you could have seen the mess we left behind in our kitchen. It was truly a sticky mess of dried frijoles and queso and salad on the floor and counters. :) Well, if you know me, I LOVE to wake up to a clean kitchen and it was nearly 1130 by the time the evening was completely over and Nathan (my darling, wonderful husband) helped me clean it all.
And I was just completely ecstatic when I woke up this morning and and strolled into a kitchen of sunshine and baby rosebuds in my vase. Definitely one for the books. So this is my THANK YOU to my man for helping me scrub away the mess last night and load the dishwasher, etc. It made my day :)

Oh, and when our friends showed up last night with Kya bear, Wesley was swooning over her....too funny!

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  1. AWWWWW...Kya loves Wesley too!!!
    I love watching their innocent nuances together. It makes me smile and wonder how anybody could overlook such simple sweetness!
    I TOTALLY felt so bad as soon as we got home. I thought, "AGH, we left a huge mess at Jade's". It's hard cleaning up after so many people and nobody's going to want to host if we keep it up. So, maybe we should start making it a point to do so after every meeting (it isn't even slightly ironic that it's at my house this week. hahaha!).
    We feel so incredibly blessed by this group as well and know the Lord has led us together! For that, we're are VERY thankful!