Friday, July 17, 2009

Zephyr in Review

Well kids, I'm back from my short time up at the ol Camp Zephyr.
You know the story.
I fell in love up at Zephyr as a young teenager in more ways than one.
I first walked the caliche roads there as a fresh 14 year old girl, new to the world of "faith lived out loud" and deeply desiring a life of victory and faith. I heard the Gospel preached, felt the sound of worship penetrate my young heart, and made some lifelong friends.
Then not too long after that, I walked those same caliche roads as a lowly intern, dreaming of one day becoming a Zephyr Staff member. Those beautiful girls that worked all summer at camp must have had it all together. I mean come on, they were gorgeous, they loved Jesus, and they had boys surrounding them all summer long. What could be any better than that?
Finally, the summer after I graduated high school, I walked through those doors as a full on Summer Staffer....ready to serve, ready to experience Jesus in a new way, ready to do my part. Little did I know that I would spend four summers living, loving, sweating, breaking, and mending at that beautiful, beautiful camp.

Well, I spent the first half of this week running around camp pretending like I had a purpose. :) I was supposed to be taking pictures of the campers (which I did, of course) but really, I was lost in my own memories.
I was remembering the first summer I spent out at Zephyr as a camper. In the days when my soul mates were found in my best friends and "the Zephyr Zombie" was cool to talk about behind our youth minister's back. And the snack shack had yet to be painted like a cow.
I remembered the first summer that made Room Six my home. Laurie, Candace, my sweet roommates who taught me so many lessons on being a woman of character who lived out 1 Peter 3:3-4.
I remembered my final summer, as I prepared to marry the man of my dreams. The summer that signaled a change in the future of Zephyr. Change was on the horizon and a new era was about to dawn. It wasn't easy to leave, it wasn't easy to let go. I remembered the tears that fell as I packed my little car up with my stuff and drove through the gates with blurred eyes.

But then I remembered the summers in between. Meeting my future husband. Sitting on the back porch of the conference center with various roommates marveling at the faithfulness of our God. Walking from Room 6 to the kitchen in the early morning light wondering what the day would hold. Burning the coffee pots repeatedly because I could never remember to collect them after morning breakfast. "Five minutes!" from Stuart. I remember playing hide and seek on the gators and making Sunday evening runs to Wal-Mart. I remember being there with Erin in her last months of her pregnancy with Emma. Sitting at my favorite picnic table and reading books by my heroes of faith: Corrie Ten Boom, Elisabeth Elliot, Leslie Ludy. The ridiculous banter that never seemed to cease, morning, noon, and night, and every moment in between. The numerous faces of youth ministers, students, sponsors, children, and friends that poured through our doors. Each with a unique story, each loved so dearly by such a great God. Each who have been touched in some way through this camp.

It really was such a joy to me to just hang around. Wesley was with Grandma Nancy, Nathan was in town working, and I was without the duties of my daily life for nearly 3 whole days. I soaked it up. I didn't have any life-changing moments as one might expect, but I did have some good moments of peace and solitude, lovely conversations, and some good rest. I was able to see some familiar faces and catch up with some dear friends.

I was also able to see how incredible that staff really is. The leadership has blossomed, and the Lord is blessing them for their faithfulness. I wish I could adequately explain to you how put together this group of people are. Of course there is no such thing as a perfect working environment, but this group of young people are darn well close. Really! I only knew a handful of them when I arrived, and now I can say that I just adore them all! They blessed my heart more than they know!

So if you're a student pastor out there, or even a leader of a small group or church, don't hesitate to take your church family, students, or own family out there for a weekend retreat or weeklong camp. You won't regret it.

Oh...and pray for some rain. :)

p.s. I'll make a FB album of the pictures as soon as I dig through them all.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Secret Garden

One of my favorite classics to read is "The Secret Garden". I get lost in the silly language of the moorland folk and the beautiful visions of buried gardens with secret stories locked away within it's walls.

Tonight, as I wait to feel sleepy enough to crawl into bed, I think about those moments in life when you wish you could discover a wonderful and beautiful new adventure, like coming across a key in the earth that unlocks a garden. A garden where anything is possible. A garden where you can grow right along with it's tiny seeds and blossom right alongside the grandest rose.

I suppose that's the beauty of the written word. You can get lost in it's depths and travel to the moors of England, or the damp rainforests of the Amazon, or the glittery depths of the Bermuda Triangle. Adventure awaits. I love that.

The Secret is a lovely thought.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

And so on, and so on

I can't even remember what the last thing I blogged about was. Life has been swirling by in a flurry of adventures for us and I can only be thankful that I have pictures to help me remember where all we've been in the last few weeks. :)

I suppose we can start with the Fourth of July weekend. My favorite brother came down for the weekend and all of us went to my in-law's lakehouse to pop fireworks and eat lots of brisket ;) The Novasad's joined us and we had a BLAST. I, unfortunately, could not ride the jet-ski because I had a slight boo-boo that was not allowed to be in the dirty yucky water of Lake Corpus Christi. Plus I was on antibiotics that ordered me to stay out of direct sunlight. So under the awning I went and played in the mud with my son and his little girlfriend Kya. :) They are pretty stinkin cute little toddlers.
Wesley is growing so much, I can't believe he is going to be 18 month
s old next week. He has molars coming in and it's so frustrating, but he is taking them in stride. He loves the outdoors and the dogs, although he is a little rough, he loves chasing Stormy around.

I am really really really behind on pictures. I had quite a lot going on these last three weeks, so I am playing catch up. Personal photos, jobs, weddings, aahhhh so much to organize.

Did I ever tell you, oh blog world, that I bought a Mac? Yep, I have entered the Apple world. I even got a little decal with my computer. I want to put it on my car, but I'm going to save it for when we get me my SUV. :) Yes, I am a nerd. Welcome to my life. It is pretty colorful. Just don't drink the water here, you just might get some silly juice on accident.

Wesley's favorite thing is to talk to Brandon on iChat. He absolutely howls when we sign off. He is saying "Uncle" so much now and he runs to the office to point at the computer because he knows Uncle B is living inside the computer. Hahaha. It's pretty funny.

Wesley is waking up from his nap, and I just think my brain is fried from all the sun, fireworks, and well...brisket. :) So I will have to write mas tarde!

Love you all and hopefully we can catch up soon!