Tuesday, July 07, 2009

And so on, and so on

I can't even remember what the last thing I blogged about was. Life has been swirling by in a flurry of adventures for us and I can only be thankful that I have pictures to help me remember where all we've been in the last few weeks. :)

I suppose we can start with the Fourth of July weekend. My favorite brother came down for the weekend and all of us went to my in-law's lakehouse to pop fireworks and eat lots of brisket ;) The Novasad's joined us and we had a BLAST. I, unfortunately, could not ride the jet-ski because I had a slight boo-boo that was not allowed to be in the dirty yucky water of Lake Corpus Christi. Plus I was on antibiotics that ordered me to stay out of direct sunlight. So under the awning I went and played in the mud with my son and his little girlfriend Kya. :) They are pretty stinkin cute little toddlers.
Wesley is growing so much, I can't believe he is going to be 18 month
s old next week. He has molars coming in and it's so frustrating, but he is taking them in stride. He loves the outdoors and the dogs, although he is a little rough, he loves chasing Stormy around.

I am really really really behind on pictures. I had quite a lot going on these last three weeks, so I am playing catch up. Personal photos, jobs, weddings, aahhhh so much to organize.

Did I ever tell you, oh blog world, that I bought a Mac? Yep, I have entered the Apple world. I even got a little decal with my computer. I want to put it on my car, but I'm going to save it for when we get me my SUV. :) Yes, I am a nerd. Welcome to my life. It is pretty colorful. Just don't drink the water here, you just might get some silly juice on accident.

Wesley's favorite thing is to talk to Brandon on iChat. He absolutely howls when we sign off. He is saying "Uncle" so much now and he runs to the office to point at the computer because he knows Uncle B is living inside the computer. Hahaha. It's pretty funny.

Wesley is waking up from his nap, and I just think my brain is fried from all the sun, fireworks, and well...brisket. :) So I will have to write mas tarde!

Love you all and hopefully we can catch up soon!


  1. Ahh, dear friend you have returned! Glad to see you're all still well, minus the boo boo...hope it is quickly abated!


  2. Thanks for the comment, Jade! I definitely think you should move here when Jenna does. We're slowly trying to convince everyone we know to move closer to us. Your little Wesley is so cute! I think he and Finn would have a blast together. If we make it down to Corpus this summer, we'll have to get them together!