Friday, August 21, 2009

All choked up

I am trying not to be too sentimental right now. :) But it's reallllllly hard for me. This morning I caught my son straddling his crib, about to leap off it, very very angry with me for sticking him in it for naptime. Most of you know that my son refuses to sleep in his crib. He will eventually fall asleep if I just leave him in there "crying it out", but in his 19 months, he's never gone down quietly when I put him in there.
Well this morning, little buddy was falling asleep on his feet. He woke up earlier than normal and was playing hard all morning and so I thought, "hey, he's super tired...let's give a morning nap a try". So I stick him in there, wish him "night night" and walk out of his room. He screams. Angry, frustrated screams. So I think "I will wait 5 minutes and if he is still crying, I will go check on him". Well I heard him slowly wimper, then quiet down. Then SCREAAAAM. So I hurry over to take a peak....and low and behold, my son is trying to find the best way to get down from the bar that he had climbed up...and crying miserably because he did NOT want to be in there.
Of course I grab him quickly (and yes, the freakishly obsessed photographer in me wonders if I have time to take a picture...but of course the mommy wins out) and I hold him till he stops crying.
So then I think...well, maybe if I pull out his matress, put blankets on it to give it some padding, and give him his pillow, he will go lay down when he is ready. the time 1:00 rolls around, we've had lunch, we've played and done some laundry, etc., I walk him to his room and ask him if he wants to go "night night" and he says yes and goes and lays down on his mattress. He pats it and points to an extra pillow suggesting I come lay with him. So I go sit by him and pat him a little, and next thing I know...he is fast asleep. In HIS room....on HIS mattress.

And suddenly, I feel like crying. haha
It's tough being a woman.
But it's REALLY tough being a mama.

But neither of which are without it's perks. :)

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