Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Faith, Hope, & Charity :)

Well kids. You've missed me, haven't you? It's alway a whirlwind of activity in this house. Life is certainly never boring around here.

I feel the need to update this, but I am just so "empty". So much has been churning within my heart. This is definitely a growing season for Nathan and myself. The Lord has blessed us with some close friends who challenge us to be better every day and for that I am so so grateful. :)

Today is my friend Charity's birthday. Her and her twin, Leah. (both are on my blogroll). They are such joys to my heart and I just want to wish them both a delightful birthday! You girls are wonderful and live out Proverbs 31!! Charity, I am so glad we are friends and that my computer is full of wonderful pictures of us. :) I love you both! Happy Birthday!!

Ok...I'm out. More in-depth updates and noodles to come. Honest! :)


  1. you are too sweet, Jade! thanks for your post :) I am blessed to have you as a friend! love you!

  2. You are sweet Jade.
    Also, your blog is FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!!!
    It looks fantastic!